In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day #348

Last night I was wondering what to write. Tonight I am wondering what to cut out!

Avalanche of good news stories. I just had two coins to write about, but then some of the Penny Pal stories came in. They are wonderful and need to be SHARED!


June (the new Penny Pal who got the unexpected $28,000 two days ago) received another big check today and is now spreading the Penny Fever to others. Here is her email:

Thank You! Another check today in the amount of $3600.00 Then 8 pennies weeeeeeeeeeeeee plus I told my trainer Jeff and he found a dime...


From Char who had found only ONE penny in the first 10 months of this journey. I spent some time with her last month and “coached” her a little. Here is her update:

I found another penny the grocery store ...I picked it up and proceeded to tell the box boy who was helping me with my groceries about the PennyFinders web site. He smiled!


Here is a condensed version of Hui’s email She definitely has Penny Fever!

17 is my number. As I was browsing through yesterday's Penny Tale, the 16 Guidebook Stakeholder slots caught my eye … so I want to be #17 in your Special Team of 25.

And, here are Hui's Penny Tales for the past few days...

Found a penny over the weekend when I was out with Dad.

Monday, hung out with Jesse after 9 days apart … we went to Wal-Mart where I found a penny under a holiday display … Found another penny on the way back into the store. Grabbed the envelopes and went to the check stands again. Found a very shiny dime underneath the soda fridge. Flashed it to Jesse when he was looking for me. All the while we were talking about our future with marriage and kids and all that stuff. Yes, yes, crazzzzzzzzzzzy. ;)

After I sent out the "I want to be #17" email, went to the bank to deposit

my paycheck and then the market for Nutella. Found a penny at an open check stand, so I hurried and grabbed my Nutella so I could retrieve it without looking like a weirdo. Paid for the Nutella and went skulking around looking for more and spotted a folded up dollar at a very busy checkstand. After hiding behind the holiday candy display and waiting for people to pay and leave, I braved the crowd and grabbed the dollar, which happened to be 2 dollars.

Hui’s Penny Lesson for us:

Today's hunting made me realize that people are so busy and in a hurry, that

they don't realize they leave money lying around for people like us to find. Yes, a gift from God, but also a message saying to slow down and stop to

smell the roses or listen to the birds singing or watch the rain pour.


Dr. R had his very own Find today. He was the professor who was at the coffee machine with me yesterday and then in whose office Doc found a dime yesterday afternoon. Tonight I was departing my office, when I heard a shout from about 200 ft. behind me down the hallway. “Tina, LOOK!” Dr. R was frantically motioning for me to come see something. When I arrived he was pointing near the trashcan. I still did not see anything and asked him why he was so excited. He pointed again - then picked up a dime! He said he had told his neighbors at home about Penny Finding. The Fever is Spreading! Shared JOY.


The stories above are Plenty for today.

Doc and I retrieved a dime at Starbucks before work. (Coin #1)

Then after class I was passing some of the outdoor tables saying “Why do I continue to look here regularly when I have never found pennies here? Of course there was a penny at that moment. (Coin #2)

Lesson: Past performance is no indication of future potential.

Today’s Total: 2 coins P (1), N ( 0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.11

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