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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day #366 - Desperate for Sleep

Yesterday was both exhilarating and exhausting. Today I needed to sleep in and give some attention to many other things which had been ignored these past two weeks.

Doc wanted to go out to breakfast and celebrate with Carol, our favorite waitress at a local coffee shop. She was part of the Day #200 Celebration as well.

There was a Carl’s Jr. on the way, so we cut across that parking lot and I did a quick search. One penny and a quarter! (Coins #1&2). As I bent to retrieve the coins, a Carl’s employee came around the corner with a broom and scooper to clean up the trash. Timing is everything!

After breakfast, Doc felt that HE needed a coin too! So we drove through the high school parking lot. Doc found a penny within moments of our arrival - a dark, yucky penny (Coin #3) I was ready to go home; he was not!

I spotted a penny behind the chain link fence and indicated that to Doc. He hopped out of the van with the arm-extension super duper coin retrieval tool (99¢ backscratcher). As he hopped out, he gathered two dimes! Meanwhile I picked up a penny in the sheltered bench area. Doc realized the retrieval tool was a few feet short of what we needed. I sucked in the gut, and squeezed other parts of me through an opening in the fence, ran for the coin, and got back out faster than I thought possible - with an attitude of gratitude (that I did not get wedged)! (Coins #4-7)

We were driving away when Doc spotted a dime! We had almost escaped the lot when he spotted a quarter! (Coins #8&9)

Today’s Total: 9 coins P (4), N (0), D (3), Q (2) = $0.84

What a great beginning for next year’s giving!

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