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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day #359 - Increased PFR

Worked on PennyFinders stuff until 2 PM then needed a break. Used the chance to go hunting while there was sunlight and clear skies. (Rainy nights are just not as fun to go searching).

We increased the Penny Finding Rate (PFR) (See Glossary) to 10 today.

We allotted one hour to “go forth and Find”. The first stop was a 7-11. No coins in the parking lot or in the store. Doc was getting back into the van and found a very discolored and forlorn penny. (Asphalt Mushroom). (Coin #1)

We headed for the pet store for dog food. Doc tossed me out of the van at the El Pollo Loco. No coins at the drive up window area, but a penny where the water runs away. (Coin #2)

Doc suggested I walk the high school parking lot while he went for coffee. I hopped out and started walking. He drove slowly away, then stopped to collect a penny! He continued driving and stopped to pick up another penny. So now Doc had his 2¢ worth for today.

I had not found any coins yet in that parking lot, but had enough coins for today, so was not concerned. I was talking (out loud) to the Penny Angels about other things. Two of my dearest friends got married in June and moved away to Texas. I was thinking of them and the baby due shortly. Conversation, “Penny Angels please watch over them. I sure miss them. Wish they weren’t so far away”. Within seconds of saying that, I found a penny. As I retrieved that coin, I spotted something shiny, yet unfamiliar. I thought perhaps it was a plastic or fake coin. At first I could not tell what it was. Brushed off the dirt to read “10 Colones”. My friend’s last name: Colon! Another ”coincidence”?

Just a little strange to find a coin from Costa Rica! (Coins #5&6)

There was an embedded penny near a light pole and then a penny next to it. Two additional pennies within that brief 20 minute walk. (Coins #7-9).

Doc suggested a quick walk through the grocery store to round out our hour of Hunting. One more penny there. (Coin #10).

Tomorrow should be exciting … several phone calls planned first thing in the morning.

Lesson: Penny Angels just wanna have fun. Play with them.

Today’s Total: 10 coins P (9) = $0.09 + 10 colones

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