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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day #362 - Let it Shine

I may have put “Vacation” on my time card at work this week, but it is far from a relaxing few days off. Whirlwind of activities today.

The focus this morning was on getting the Penny Cards designed and to the printer. Chaz went from a blank page, to fully designed cards and met the 2 p.m. deadline. We requested a 24 hr production time so tomorrow Doc and I will drive out to Chatsworth to get them.

After the frenzy to submit the printing order, we needed a break. Headed to the bank to ask for newly-issued pennies to glue to the cards. Must be special ordered from the Fed. L Next, Doc searched Starbucks while I searched the grocery store for today’s coin. Nothing except coffee! C’mon Angels, I need to get back home to my computer!

I had Doc pull into the 99¢ store so I could do a quick search. Score! Penny by the register. Done. (Coin #1) But then Doc wanted food.

We drove through the Carl’s Jr. for lunch - and found an obvious penny. (Coin #2). The cashier at first was wary of me, so I gave her a business card and she smiled. Our order was taking a while. I was getting impatient and telling Doc, “Two pennies. That’s nice. God’s 2¢ worth for today. I am thankful for a short story. I don’t want to write much. Could be another really late night”.

Penny Angels must have a sadistic streak. (Doc says they are merely trying to adjust my bratty attitude). I looked to the right out my window. Laying at the base of a plant was a bright, shiny penny! I tried to ignore it, but it was nearly glowing. I could not disobey. I hopped out of the van to fetch it - and noticed a dirt-coated penny beside it, and another, then another, then another, then another…

Doc was handed his food order and we drove to an empty spot where we could count and look at the coins. TEN coins! (Coins #3-12). I had the first one separated from the others - for that was the glowing one.

Doc and I looked at each other. That penny was no different than the others!

Why did it radiate so?

Lesson: “The average tarnished penny can positively glow when positioned properly in the light”. “ANY penny has the potential to shine!”

I had ordered a sweater on-line with PennyFinders embroidered on it to wear for the Celebration Saturday. Sleeves way too long. Stopped to get it altered. (I don’t have time to get out the sewing machine right now). Had a 10 minute wait. Doc went to Taco Bell where he got 2 coins. I walked the parking lot and found a penny at a pay phone with nothing unique about it. Then another penny just a few feet away which was extremely cold in my hand! Why the difference? The two had essentially the same environmental conditions. (Coins #13-16)

Sixteen coins! Give me a break!

Today’s Total: 16 pennies

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