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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day #356 - Assorted Stories

An incoming Email which I just gotta share with you. The writer is also alluding to that day recently when I asked for dime, dime, dime … but my dimes arrived AFTER midnight. Looks like she learned from my errors. ;-)

Tina, Just after I sent you that email with my edits for your Press Release, I went for a walk. Had some things on my mind that needed sorting out. Found 2 pennies and a dime! The dime came after a request from me asking for something silver followed by “today” please.

WOW! The power of manifestation is great. LP


General Comments:

Sure glad I took today off work. 99% of the day has been dedicated to PennyFinding. (I did take a few minutes out for a shower and to change clothes).

Evidently I slept right through the alarm clock, so when I got up at 8:30, it was FULL SPEED AHEAD. Spent the entire morning reviewing and editing Draft 1 of the Guidebook, finalizing the Press Release , responding to emails, etc. Also made initial contact with United Way rep.

There is so much to accomplish to maximize the Day #365 Mark. If we put out the Press Release, those Penny Angels better come through! Going on Faith here!


Around 2:30 realized I needed to find a coin for today! Quickly showered, changed out of PJs and headed out. Went to the bank where Doc found a penny by the ATM machine. (Coin #1). Thank you honey, but I need to find one too.

We stopped next at the hardware store and at the office supply store No coins found. Not good.

We dropped off some house sketches at the architect’s office. Remember that project? (Which is why this whole PennyFinders began). OK. So I have spent maybe 10 whole minutes in the past two weeks on my dream project and probably 50-70 hours on finding silly pennies and related efforts. Does this make any CENTS?

Doc suggested that we next head for Carl’s Jr. which might be a target rich environment. (Plus he wanted lunch). After Doc placed our order, he s l o w l y drove up to the window while I hopped out to look for coins. Spotted one penny immediately. Then saw something in the mud of a concrete expansion joint (crack). Thought I might need to employ the chopstick retrieval system, but long fingernails worked - dime. Then I spotted a dime which I must have just walked past - and Doc had now just about parked on. Plus another penny. (Coins #2-5).

As we were driving away, I realized there was a sandwich in the bag versus my salad!

So I went back inside the store to remedy the situation - and collect a penny off the counter and another one by the beverage station (Coins #6&7).

Our next stop was the jewelry store to pick up Penny Pendant which was being gold-dipped. Each time I clean it, it is tarnished and dull again within a day or two. Not pretty. So this time I am trying a hopefully more lasting treatment - gold.

There was a Carl’s Jr. next to the jeweler. So I walked through the drive up area and claimed a penny and another dime. (Coins #8&9).

That was a good haul. Home by 4 pm to conduct PennyFinders calls. Two hours with Chaz in reviewing Draft one of the Guidebook. It is really shaping up!


By 7 pm my stomach was growling and I realized I hadn’t eaten my lunch yet! I fear this PennyFinding is becoming an obsession!

I quickly ate lunch, then got back to work on PennyFinders. Meanwhile Doc had gone to Walmart. Ugghh. More Penny Finds! Shouldn’t he write his own Tale? I think he is well-trained now and should start his own Blog! He said, “but we are married. You always say that when it comes to money ‘What’s yours is yours and What’s mine is also Yours!’” So here is YOURS for today! Then he presented me with 8 more coins and his hilarious story…

He went to Starbucks for coffee. Did not see the coins on his way in, but noticed them while waiting for his decaf to be brewed. Three pennies and maybe a silver piece under one of the tables. Unfortunately there were two guys sitting at the table! Not cool for a GUY to reach under a table with other guys there. So he sat and sipped his coffee inside. Then he went outside and sat and sipped some more. These guys were not in any hurry to leave. (I would have just flashed the guys a business card as I was telling them the story and then grabbing the coins. They would have smiled and I would have had the coins).

So Doc gave up on those coins and went to Walmart. Made his purchases with no coins found. Wow! Took his bags to the car and returned to the store to use the bathroom. A nickel and penny in the play area. (Coins #10&11)

He actually drove all the way back to that coffee shop for the coins! This man has a severe case of Penny Fever. He claimed the three pennies, the dime, plus an additional penny. (Coins #12-16).

Next, he headed for the grocery store. Saw a penny on this way in, but it was in a group of people. He did his shopping, found another penny (Coin #17), then returned to look for the penny at check out. It was no longer there. I can just hear the nephews saying, “Uncle Doc, You Snooze - You Lose”!


As I was writing tonight’s Penny Tale I laid the coins in front of me. I do this each night to corroborate the count and to ‘feel’ the stories from them. Dirt Dime was missing! I searched purse, counter, table, car, etc. Remembered I had wrapped it in a brown Starbucks napkin. Sure enough, it got thrown away with Doc’s lunch trash. So this dime was Found Twice!

Lessons: You Snooze, You Lose

Some coins will be ‘found’ several times.

Even though a coin has been trashed, it retains its value and can still can be retrieved before being sent to the dump.

A polished penny doesn’t stay polished without some additional intervention.

Today’s Total: 17 coins P (12), N (1), D (4), Q (0) = $0.57

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