In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Day #350 - Engaging Others

I just love hearing the stories from others. Here is an email from I student I met yesterday afternoon:

Tina, after you told us about the pennies I came back to my apartment and then as I walked into my bathroom I found a penny on the floor. I really thought this was random. I almost never find pennies anywhere much less in the bathroom of my own apartment. I thought it was amazing because it happened right after you told us. The penny came out of nowhere. Just thought I'd share that with you.



I spent the entire morning working on PennyFinders stuff. Working on the press kit, making calls to find persons who could implement the necessary website features, responding to Penny Pal emails, etc. A check from Stakeholder #18 arrived this morning. That was a nice boost when I was feeling overwhelmed.

By 3 PM I needed some time out! (and to go find Today’s coins). I was merely going to take 10 minutes and run to the jeweler to see if she could dip the Special Day 50 Penny Pendant in something to keep it from tarnishing. Then Doc decided to go with me and things CHANGED.


Doc is not feeling well at all today so we went to the grocery store for throat lozenges. I looked for coins as we were walking in. Saw none. Doc said “There is a shiny over in the corner”. Sure enough, a dime. (Coin #1). OK. Done. Then I spotted a dime and a penny in an empty check out line. Easy pickin's. (Coins #2&3) There was a penny under a guy at a self-check out station. At first I waited politely, then realized I had not “Shared” today. So I took out a business card and asked if I might get the penny at his feet for the Day #350 Penny Tale. (Coin #4) He Smiled. Shared JOY.


As I stood up, a voice said “Hi Tina!” It was someone I hadn’t seen in a long time. We chatted and he invested his $100 cash as a Stakeholder toward the PennyFinders Guidebook Project! J

Doc insisted that we next go to Starbucks. As we were stopped at a red light, Doc did his specialty Red Light Retrieval dive - and claimed his first coin for the day - a penny (Coin #5). He maintained one foot in the car while stretching to get the coin - he claims PennyFinding is his method of exercise.


There was a quarter at the base of the Starbucks microphone where Doc was placing his order. (Coin #6). Then there were two very-hard-to-spot pennies in the dirt in two separate places. Doc was pointing to rocks and asking, “is that a penny? How about that?” My reply, “no, no, no , but here is one!” We would kiss in celebration of our find. Playfulness. (Coins #7&8)


Doc said we were missing a nickel in order to “Hit for the Cycle”. So he stopped at the grocery store for some bananas and coins. He picked up a dime before even shutting the door of the van. He was saying “A dime equals two nickels, will that do?” Then he found a dime and penny in one empty check out line upon his arrival, then two additional pennies. (Coins #9-13). A box of cereal jumped the belt in the line next to ours, so I bent over to pick it up - along with a penny down there ;-) Then there was a dime on the change return chute which Doc’s fingers were too big to retrieve - but not mine! (Coins #14&15)


This evening I was attending a workshop. As I gave my name at the registration desk, the lady next to me said, “Tina! Penny Lady!” She turned out to be Elizabeth, the first person to sign up on the website form which Mandy set up recently! Since signing on, Elizabeth has been reading Penny Tales and often sending a sentence of encouragement or appreciation. We hugged. JOY shared.


Enough chatter right now. The Graphics Designer is asking for my input on the logo… at this moment I don’t have answers. Time to go consult the Penny Angels (and maybe indulge in some chocolate as ‘food for thought’).

Thoughts: It is not the 1¢ that is important. It is the JOY shared, the connection, the symbol of a Higher Pres-cents.

Today’s Total: 15 coins P (9), N (0), D (5), Q (1) = $0.84

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