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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day #376 - Heartfelt

It’s nice to have just an ordinary day. That makes it faster in writing tonight’s Penny Tale.

I had planned to be at work this morning by 10 AM but slept until 9. Oops! (Going to bed at 5:45 doesn’t provide an adequate recharge. Action Item: Find a Super Charger - maybe at an after Christmas sale? Sleep takes too much time).

On the way to work, Doc needed to stop for coffee, so he suggested I search the grocery store. I spotted a dime as soon as I walked in. There was a store manager standing right next to it. Too awkward to interrupt his conversation and ask for it. So I walked away for a moment or two. When I returned, a customer was standing there and no dime to be seen. L But then she stepped away and I could sweep in for the kill.

I also found a penny in another check out aisle.

This evening Doc went out for supplies. He came in with a cute smirk on his face and something obviously behind his back. “Here Honey. I know we don’t really exchange Christmas or birthday gifts, but I could not resist”. He sure had my curiosity up. I thought he went to the grocery store. I unwrapped the super fancy grocery store plastic bag to discover a new 2MB Flash Drive. J Wow! This is as good as the purple mechanical pencil surprise a few years ago. The Flash drive was blue and shaped like a peanut or figure 8. “I know how you like things that are a little unique. Thought maybe you would like a new drive for the class you will be teaching this term”. Very Sweet.

Thought: Gifts don’t need to be fancy, just heartfelt.

Made me think again of some of the shoppers I saw this month who were in the stores buying things because it’s expected. It seemed to be a chore; required protocol. Then it becomes just STUFF being passed back and forth. What is the Value of that?

Today’s Total: 2 coins P (1), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.11

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