In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Day #357 - Home Sick

Stayed home from work today - infected with severe Penny Fever. Had to take immediate and strong action. J Met with Pat on Advancing various aspects of this project. Continued work with Chaz on the PennyFinders Guidebook. We got our ISBN # for the book! Drafted some ideas for website revisions. Investigated the Salvation Army Red Kettle Program and made contact with their Director of Marketing. She will look at the website and brainstorm over the weekend to see how this PennyFinding can help promote their Red Kettle Program.

Now for today’s Penny Finding …

It was 6 p.m., dark and drizzly when Doc said, “What about today’s Penny Find?”

OOPS! I was so busy with all the other things, I forgot about getting today’s coin! We headed for the grocery store.

Doc parked the van, I stepped out, noticed a 1” deep water puddle and hopped over it. There was a Penny in the Puddle! I rescued the drowning penny and tenderly wiped it dry. Then told Doc we could go home. J (Coin #1)

Doc figured we might as well get a few items since we were already at the grocery store. I quickly looked around each check out line. Walked back to meet Doc and a penny appeared under a customer. She turned to pick up her toddler - I picked up the penny under her! J (Coin #2)

Spotted another penny on the mat under the cashier in aisle #2. A little too awkward. I’d have to interrupt her (long line of customers) and ask her or the boxboy for the coin. Patience. Keep Stalking the prey …

Doc and I selected our groceries, then got in line. I had my PF business cards ready and was prepared to Share the story and request the penny. Then the #1 line opened so I grabbed one item off the conveyor belt and moved to the other line. From there it would be easy to get the penny. While the cashier dealt with the customers in front of her, I could get the penny behind her. Just as I was closing in on the target, the cashier walked away to get an item for her customer. The field was wide open! It was too easy! (Coin #3) It now lacked the thrill of the kill! Doc was soooo laughing from his position in Line #2.

Then Doc noticed a penny, then two dimes, and another dime! The score now: Tina 3, Doc 4. (Coins #4-7)

On the way out of the grocery store I stopped to talk to Luanne, the bell ringer at the Salvation Army Red Kettle. How many of us have ever stopped to say hello? I never had before. It was interesting to find out about her and more about the program. I wanted to hear an end user’s assessment. I liked what I heard.


Next Doc insisted upon stopping at the Circle K for coffee. I noticed the lights on at the coin shop next door. So I went in, offered my business cards and shared the Penny Tale story with the three gentlemen there. Lots of SMILES and questions. Doc gets a kick from caffeine - I get a kick from smiles!


Doc and I came home for a luscious dinner and an intimate Friday night … Doc put on an Andre Rieu CD, turned on the electric fireplace and made himself a sauerkraut dog. I pulled out all the coins Finds for December, the pens, calendar, log sheet, and printed stories. Then we proceeded to catalog the coins. (93 coins so far in December). It may not be fireworks and somersaults, but hey, what do you expect from two engineers after 27 years of marriage? J

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