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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day #361 - It's Pouring

When it rains, it Pours! And since there were clear skies today, I do not mean Water!

To start with, there was a Penny next to my computer this morning. Doc said “oops! That was one I found yesterday when I went to Starbucks.” Doesn’t he realize how that will entirely screw up my story from yesterday, and my excel sheet and …. J

Does that make 17 for yesterday? Or just include it for today? (Coin #0)

Next there were emails from Chaz, comments from people on the new logo, a purchase of one more of the 25 Stakeholder spots, and lots of other things.

Then there was the talk with the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Salvation Army. Looks like we will do a donation Saturday morning of the 3400 coins at a Red Kettle at a JC Penney’s store.


Then, Doc got a call from the Architect. She has just gotten approval from the City allowing us to do a one-level (vs. split level house). Yipee! We are good to proceed. Can we come to the office and go over things?

I know this whole PennyFinders stuff was because of the Dream to build this house, but doesn’t she realize I am busy this week? The house is no longer as important as developing PennyFinders to its full potential! We met with her for 30 minutes and now the ball is in my court to review her suggested changes to my initial floor plan. That is both the good and bad news.


On the way to the architect, Doc needed his Starbucks run, so he got coffee while I went to the Dollar Store - for today’s penny. (Coin #1)

After the meeting with the Architect, we drove through the Carl’s Jr. for food - and three coins. (Coins #2-4) Then we parked over by the Del Taco to eat (and so I could check the drive through for coins). No breaks in traffic at the window so I walked the outdoor dining tables and got one penny (Coin #5).


This afternoon Doc went to school to work on his final exams and grades. I worked on PennyFinders stuff and household chores.

When Doc came home he opted for quick Mexican food. We were about to sit at one table, when Doc said, “That table over there must be ours. There is a penny under it!”. (Coin #6).


The PENNYFINDERS GUIDEBOOK is finished! It arrived this evening.

We plan to launch it Saturday (Day #365).

The FREE downloadable excerpt looks super fantastic and will be available on line.


Message today: Nothing came to mind all night until just now.

It is 2 AM and my phone just rang. It is my son working on the exact same type of letter I am working on. We had not ever talked about this project. I had just left him a voicemail message saying I was writing and FAXing a letter on his behalf while I was sending mine. He said he was FAXing his own letter at the exact same moment. More coincidences?

Thoughts are VERY powerful. They are forms of energy which can be transmitted. Where are most of our thoughts each day? How are they focused?

Today’s Total: 6 pennies + one penny from yesterday

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