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Friday, June 8, 2012

Day #1,267 - Grounded

This morning I had begun packing to go to the cabin.  Doc and I planned to focus on getting 767 final exam pages graded.  I had also planned to put the first coat of clear sealer on the staircase handrail before leaving.  Those plans changed in a mere moment.

For the past two weeks I have been trying to talk to our new neighbor Louis.  Going next door to his house after 8 p.m. in the evenings seemed a bit bold, and going in the morning as his family was trying to get off to work and school seemed a bit rude, so I just kept putting it off.  Finally last night before going to bed I asked the Angels if they could make it happen today before Doc and I left for the cabin. 

Around 8:15 a.m. I noticed movement in the driveway next door.  OK Angels, is now the time?  I quickly walked over and began chatting with Louis' wife, Kim.  Then Louis came out as he was leaving for work.  Perfect Timing!  After talking, I needed to get something for him from the Penny Palace.  Since I was delaying Louis from going to work, I began to run home.  Mistake.  After a few steps I heard a very loud pop from my right calf and felt excruciating pain.  Ouch!  Louis mentioned that he, too had recently turned 50 and experienced the same injury when trying to sprint against a youngster.  He advised me to put it on ice immediately and noted that it took him 3-4 weeks of healing.  Yikes!  No way!  I have things to do.

Doc and I realized that packing up and going to the cabin was no longer an option.  Instead Doc went out to the garage and got out some crutches for me to use.  Just getting to the bathroom was now long-distance travel!

Doc put in a call to son Stephen who is a medical doctor, lives 17 houses away, and is on vacation this week.  He lovingly made a house call and advised to ice the injury and stay off it!

Doc allowed me to use his recliner to keep my leg elevated.  After a short sit, he came in saying, "No free Parking!  Start grading papers!"  I did that for a while, balanced one checking account, sorted through 2 piles of Owner's Manuals which had been tossed in a heap, and even took a nap!  I tried reading, but after 15 minutes was anxious to get off my butt!  It was great that the waterfall got fixed yesterday so that at least I could enjoy that and the birds and dragonflys.

Crutch Walking to Dinner
This evening at 5 p.m. Doc and I headed out.  How could I find coins if I stayed in the house all day?  We cruised through one high school parking lot and found a Penny.  (Coin #1).  We made a quick stop at the lighting shop for some special lightbulbs.  Our electrician Stan was there!  It was great to sneak up and surprise hug him.  Also fun to give him a debrief on the electrical portion of the house now that we are moved in.

Doc was not satisfied with only one penny for today, so he drove through a second high school parking lot. For a long time we found nothing.  Doc said, "I think coins will be closer to the tennis court area of the lot versus the classroom and gymnasium area".  That did not seem entirely logical, but that is what he felt.  He immediately spotted a quarter.  Then I spotted a dime.  I carefully got out of the van to collect it and there was a penny within inches of the dime.  So of course, I said out loud:  "Nickel, Nickel, Nickel ...", and within a few parking stalls I found that nickel!  Hit for the Cycle in 4 out of 4 coins!  What is the mathematical probability of that?

Now we are at the Pomona house.  Doc is grading papers while I am checking emails and writing Penny Tales.  Don't think I will do much packing tonight.

Total:    5 Coins        P (2), N (1), D (1), Q (1) = $0.42

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Mandy said...

Awe Tina! Sending healing angels your way for a speedy recovery!!!
Still had to smile at how much you get done while injured...