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Friday, June 15, 2012

Day #1,274 - Safe Cracking

This afternoon Doc and I went to the Pomona house.  The first goal was to clean out the guest room closet.  That took a few hours.  The second goal was to charge the battery in the 38 Chevy so that it can be driven to the Penny Palace.  The third goal (Doc's, not mine) was to get the fire safe from the upstairs closet into the van.  That safe is really heavy!  Doc says I am to keep off my leg, yet he wants help lifting a safe!

Safe Cracking
The fire safe is where we keep all our papers such as birth and marriage certificates, land and auto ownership papers, passports, etc.  Whew!  Even with desiccant bags in there, the musty smell was still overpowering. 

When Doc and I cleaned out the guest closet we discovered some house plans - the ones I had drawn 30 years ago for my senior design project.  We had not looked at those plans since then.  We were both astonished.  Many of those features drawn 30 years ago had found their way into the Penny Palace!

Doc was needing a multimeter to determine the charge level on the Chevy battery.  Our meters are now at the Penny Palace, so I called my brother who lives four houses away.  He walked in our house, looked around and said, "so when are you moving out?"  I told him we have had a moving van take stuff twice, plus we have been taking car loads nearly every day for the past month.  He looked around and said, "with all this stuff it looks like you could still be living here".

Doc and I transported the contents of the guest closet to the new house, then returned for the shelves.  Doc stopped at a gas station just so I could look for coins.  Found a nickel and two pennies.  (Coins #1-3).

Lawn Shed Project: Our roofer called us back regarding the reroofing job.  He could do the job around July 4th -- providing the shed can support the additional load.  I called the shed manufacturer.  It was suggested we triangulate the front overhang.  Doc assessed what should be done.  He said all we need to do is remove the shed contents and shelving, rip off the existing roof, reinforce the side walls, strengthen the roof supports, and then we will be ready for the roofer to lay the new shingles.  Sure thing Honey -- in our spare time!

Total:    3 Coins        P (2), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.07

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