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Monday, June 11, 2012

Day #1,270 - Flatjacks

Today Doc planned to make some delicious Flapjacks, which turned out as Flatjacks.  Isn’t it amazing how minor things can so often influence our entire day (and attitude)?

Doc began his day by making blueberry pancakes.  The resulting hard, flat blobs were nothing like what he had envisioned.  I guess maybe baking mix gets old after sitting for years and years on the shelf?  Doc was very discouraged and went out for breakfast where he got his pancakes and a Penny.  (Coin #1).

Packing at Pomona
We graded papers until around 3 p.m. then headed for the Pomona house.  Doc stopped at the 7-11 for bananas before getting on the freeway.  We found 3 pennies there.  (Coins #2-4).

We next stopped at Target.  While I shopped for a few things, Doc relaxed with a bag of popcorn in the snack area where he collected one penny.  (Coin #5)

After working at the Pomona house, we stopped at a 99¢ store.  There were no coin found inside the store, but it was sunset as we were driving out of the parking lot, so Doc spent a few minutes ‘cruising’.  He found one penny, but I beat him by finding a quarter!  (Coins #6&7)

Total:    7 Coins        P (6), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.31

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