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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day #1,275 - Prepping

Assembling Shelves

The primary focus this morning was to prepare the rear garage for the arrival of the 38 Chevy.  So we assembled shelving and tried to shuffle some of the stuff so it was out of the way.

Supervisor Sparky
We made a call to the nieces and nephews for their birthdays.  Since they moved away we sure miss those bi-monthly play times we had with them for so many years.  We are looking forward to a few days with them in July.

Charging the Chevy
Around 2 p.m. Doc was getting hungry and we needed to get an additional shelf for the storage rack, so it was time to head out.  We were approaching Lowe’s when Doc noticed a local airport on the North side of the Lowe’s center.  He detoured into the airport grounds to investigate and search for a diner.  Sure enough!  There was Maniac Mike’s Airport diner.  Lunch was a fun and unique experience.

At Lowe’s we returned an item, got supplies and Doc collected one dime  (Coin #1).  Doc pulled into a 7-11 for a cold beverage (icee) and so I could get MY coin for today.  Got a penny and a quarter  (Coins #2&3).

Doc's Discoveries
We spent a few hours at the Pomona house organizing things and going through old papers - school records, insurance papers, property papers, bank statements, etc.

Checking EMails
On the way home we stopped at an auto supply place to get a drip pan for under the Chevy.  Then a stop at the new, huge thrift store which just opened.  Needed to find their hours for accepting donations.

Top Dog

We were almost home and realized we had forgotten to buy the additional shelf at Lowe’s this morning.  That was the purpose of going .  We made Trip #2 to Lowe’s and obtained the shelf, one dime at check-out and then a penny by my door of the van.  (Coins #4&5).

Total:    5 Coins        P (2), N (0), D (2), Q (1) = $0.47

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