In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day #1,279 - Contaminated

Doc said he worked Sunday (Father’s Day), so he wanted today off!  How in the world does he consider drinking coffee, going for a Sunday drive, having a meal placed in front of him, going for a second coffee, etc. to be Work???

Doc and Sparky went for a morning coffee where they collected two pennies.  (Coins #1&2).

This morning Doc had a brainstorm. Maybe he could use the old TV and hook his Blueray player up to it.  That would at least give him somewhat of a ‘fix’ for his addiction.  He managed to get it working.  We own two blueray discs (given to us as gifts) - one is Disney’s Dinosaur.  Doc sat there and watched it!  He was willing to watch anything as a treatment for his severe TV withdrawal symptoms.  At the time I was trying to write Penny Tales in my office. I could hear the Da**  TV even with solid core doors and wall insulation between us.  This is not good.  I don’t know how we will resolve this issue.  I am hoping Doc will go to his office and watch TV there vs. contaminating the entire house with the noise pollution!  I shudder at the thought of the new TV which will soon be delivered.  I have apologized to the Angels several times already for the garbage which is about to infect this hitherto positive and peaceful sanctuary.

We waited and waited in hopes that the cable company would arrive.  At 5:15 p.m. we gave up and headed for WalMart.  Found 3 pennies in the parking lot before entering the store.

We stopped to get some tacos and then headed for the Pomona house.  The neighbors have begun a Wednesday night walk and the inaugural session was at 7 p.m. this evening.  My leg is pretty much healed, so I ventured forth.  I figured more people might be encouraged to participate if they saw other people walking.  So even though we don't live here any more, I walked.  As I set forth I said to the Angels, "How about a coin for my efforts tonight?"  Then my brain kicked in and argued, "Sure!  There will just be a coin in the middle of this residential area and you will just happen to find it?  Right."  Minutes later I found a dime in the street..

From 9-10:30 p.m. Doc insisted upon getting a dose of TV.  He watched and dozed; I wrote Penny Tales and checked emails.

Total:    6  Coins        P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

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Anonymous said...

Nice tale. Thank you Tina!

Sasha from Russia