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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day #1,280 - Propositioned

Pippy was propositioned again today!  So many guys want to get their hands on her.

Shelf Coverings
This morning we attempted to put some fabric around one of my open shelving units to hide some of the less attractive stuff which is expected to land there.

Doc stayed home today -- in hopes that the cable company would show.  I headed to the Pomona house.  My objective was to take a load of clothing to a nearby women's rehabilitation center.  Garments such as my business suits, blouses, dresses, etc.  Items which I will never wear again - because I will be officially retired in nine days!  (That, plus I have outgrown all of them.)

I stopped briefly at a car spa to rinse Pippy.  I did not want to try putting clean clothing into a filthy car.  One of the attendants wanted to buy Pippy.  She is not for sale.  Although I said if he wanted to offer $20,000 I would think about it.

Of course while waiting for Pippy, I was looking for coins.  There was a parked car and I was proceeding to walk past it when the nudging said, "just wait a moment until the SUV moves away".  Sure enough, there was a penny under it!

Wind Chime
This afternoon Doc and I had our monthly physical therapy session.  Sharon brought us a beautiful wind chime.  It sounds like chapel bells ringing.  She also firmly suggested that I not hang from the railings or try to do 0-60 sprints again.  As I was laying on the table and she was working out the glitches, my mind was wandering and thinking of ideas for the back yard .....
But first we must get moved out of the Pomona house!  One day at a time ....

Total:    1 Penny

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