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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day #1,273 - 56% Moved

This morning Doc began calling about closing out our construction loan and taking a 30 year fixed loan.  When we got our current Adjustable Construction loan we were told there would be no new bank fees and we could easily convert to the long-term fixed loan.  That was talk two years ago from a sales person.  Today we were told that was not the case and we would need to begin an entirely new loan process.  Grrrr….

I made my daily call to Charter Cable service.  I now see why people said not to go with them.  Since they are the only option in this area, so we don’t have much choice.  I talked to a new rep, then was placed on hold for 20 minutes while she talked to her supervisor.  A guy came on (I assumed he was the supervisor) and began asking me for details of the case.  I explained the whole thing again.  He said, “I can’t help you - I am in the billing department”. He put me on hold for another 30+ minutes while he tried to work with the Tech crew and scheduling.  A gal came on and said, “We can install tomorrow from 10-12”!  I said, “Let me confirm … this is for putting in the new underground service, not merely to activate phone and internet service, right?  Because we have done that twice already.”  Her reply,  “Oops.  No.  My supervisor will need to deal with this. That’s all I can do.  Goodbye!

It was now Noon!  Doc and I felt we had wasted the morning.   Doc’s solution: go shopping!  I dreaded the thought of even a few minutes spent in a room with wall-to-wall TVs.  Doc spent two hours there!  The sales rep, Daniel was great. He was very knowledgeable about the various brands and features and willing even to help us obtain phone, TV and internet service.  He had us come sit over behind his desk so we could use his computer.  There was a penny on the floor there which I asked for permission to take.

We called the phone company from Daniel’s desk.  We were told they could not provide internet, but we could get a basic phone line.  And for sure, 100% positive we could keep our existing phone number (which we have had for 30 years).  Yipee!!  We left and headed to the Pomona house where we could use the phone and computer.  Doc placed the order for the new phone service.  Then he was told we could NOT keep our current phone number!  What is with these phone / cable companies?  I wish we could just tell them what to do with their services.  However, it has been very challenging to get Penny Tales out and respond to people without email services.  Having no TV has been quite OK with me.  I haven’t missed it at all, but Doc is even losing weight due to the anxiety of not seeing his nightly news!

Total:   1 Penny    

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Anonymous said...

Dear Doc, no news is good news. Merril