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Friday, August 21, 2009

Day #245 - Butterfly Plans

Hello Penny Pals

House stuff:
Most of today was spent designing new house floorplans. Not sure there is any creativity left for Penny Tales tonight. The old floorplans we had were for a house and garage to run 117 ft. lengthwise along the 335 ft. street edge of the Claremont property. This new property is only 115 ft and, of course, side clearances are needed. Not easy to cut 27 ft off of the house. Trying very much to be open to new concepts, but this is a bit discouraging at the moment.


Penny Tales:

I awoke to the sounds of one of the dogs throwing up. Not a pleasant wake up call. After that clean up, the next chore was to scoop the dog poop in the back yard before the gardener arrived. Are you laughing? Then I flew down the freeway to meet Mandy at 8 AM. Things got way better from that point. ☺

This morning Mandy and I went for our first walk in the new neighborhood. It was relaxing and peaceful while also being exciting! I wanted to get a “feel” for the lot and the area to help with the design process this weekend. We noted the various architectural features of the houses and studied as much as we could. We met the new neighbor across the street and one house down. Really nice lady (and dog lover too). That was very welcoming.

I was headed home, and called Doc. He had been to Starbucks and TWO McDonalds. Why? McDonalds #1 for sausage McMuffin. Next went to Starbucks for a coffee. Non drive through one. Returned to van to find Sparky enjoying the breakfast. Doc grumpy! He went to second McDonalds to buy HIS breakfast. Found a dime (Coin #1)

On my drive home, I noticed my gas tank indicator read “Empty”. So I stopped just before the freeway entrance to fuel the truck, then could not help walking next door to the very busy car wash. Nothing in the drop off area, lobby, pay area or outdoor waiting chairs. I was disappointed and walking away when 2 quarters, 2 dimes and a penny appeared on the sidewalk blatantly in front of me! (Coins #2-6)

Those coins should have quenched my desires, but only seemed to awaken them. I couldn’t resist just a quick peek in the 7-11. Yes, Penny Fever! There was a penny as I approached the store. Then a penny under a huge pickup truck outside. This took some stretching to reach. Then two pennies under the truck’s rear tire. Inside the store there was an additional penny under the front counter. (Coins #7-11).


The majority of the day was spent engrossed in floorplan designs. After dinner we had an errand to run. Doc stopped to fuel the van while I walked the area. One penny inside the convenience store, just brightly shining in the middle of the aisle. Another penny in the self-serve car wash bay. Then two pennies around the vacuum canisters. (Coins #12-15)

As we were stopped South bound at an intersection, Doc said: “Hmmm… I should look at this median. We have found coins on the medians from the other 3 directions where we typically make turns, but we very seldom are traveling this direction.” He peered out, then opened his door to look at something. “No, that was a blob of some sort”. He shut the door, advanced the car slightly and said, “But THAT is a penny!” As he hopped out to impress me with one of his specialty retrievals. ☺ (Coin #16).

At our next stop while I conducted business, Doc walked the streets (for more steps in his day). At the nearby gas station he found a penny by the phone booth, then another penny on the sidewalk. There was a nickel (Hit for the cycle) then a penny in the drive way. (Coins #17-20).

At that point I called him and requested that he bring his … walking shoes back to the van so we could get on with our evening. He was walking across the intersection, but stopped to do a jig and some fancy arm waving. He found an Embedded Penny (Coin #21) and wanted me to bring tools to pry it loose. No sir. Leave it There! He’s got severe Penny Fever.


Total for the day: 21 coins Q (2), D (3), N(1), P (14) + 1 Embed Penny = $1.00

Angel lesson perceived: Beautiful Butterfly (new house) emerging. Currently in cocoon stage and not looking very pretty. Be patient. It will evolve.

Ohhh.. I was about to hit the “send” button here when I remembered the gorgeous yellow and black butterfly out at the lot this morning. Ties in nicely with what I just wrote.

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