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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day #251 - Trust and Comply

Today was a nice, simple day. I worked with the flooring installers at the cabin. The materials came from 2 different die lots (which wasn’t noticed until several rows were laid down and things weren’t looking right). It took extra time and care to make sure things looked OK overall. The workers finished the kitchen and family room. Tomorrow the bedroom and bathroom.


By mid afternoon I was getting pretty hungry for lunch. I had brought my lunch, but felt rude by preparing it in the kitchen with the guys working right there. They hadn’t eaten, but didn’t want to waste time going all the way to town for food. So I took their food order and headed to the grocery store deli counter.

As I was leaving the cabin, I met Karyn who was preparing the next door cabin for renting. She was really nice. We exchanged business cards which gave me the opportunity to SHARE with someone new today. I told her the one Penny Tale of the Special Delivery Trader Joes penny. She seemed to enjoy that.

A few minutes later I was at the grocery store ordering the sandwiches. Karyn was there also! I said to the Penny Angles: “It would be fun if you delivered a penny right now, so this Penny Finding could be ‘validated’ for Karyn”. A penny was provided in a checkout lane within 30 seconds. I found Karyn and showed it to her. “See?” She held out her hand and said “Thanks!”. Gulp. I had to give it up. It would have been improper not to. That was difficult - I get somewhat attached to these finds.

As I left the market, I thought, “My coin bag labeled Day #251 will be empty! That’s not good. L So the Penny Angels gave me a beautiful, shiny penny before I reached the truck. Nice. (Coin #2).


Doc was doing his own penny finding today. He had a morning meeting in Fowland Heights. One the way to school, he stopped at that new drive thru Starbucks. No coins. So he went next door to McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich and a penny (Coin #3).

After work this evening, Doc went to the grocery store. One penny at Check Out (Penny #4).

Doc was determined to hit 10,000 steps today. (I was doing the opposite and trying to stay under 2500 steps to give my leg a rest). So Doc went to OSH hardward store - just to walk! (It is air conditioned in there). Upon entering the store he found a dime at the check out area. Then after considerable walking, he was rewarded with a nickel at the end of one aisle. (Coins #5&6).


Quiet days with moderate Sharing are nice. (Sounds a bit like a weather report!)

Today’s total: 6 coins D (1), N(1), P (4) = $0.19


I just listened to the cassette recorder. There are notes from this morning which I had forgotten about. I stopped at the CVS for a cold pack, pain killers and coins. Then I went for gasoline and coins. Then I walked over to the car wash. No coins there either! I was disappointed and hurting.

The thoughts at the time were: “Sometimes we are called for assignments which are not always comfortable. They may, in fact, be painful experiences. And we don’t always get immediate results or understanding of the situation. Ours is not to Question WHY? Ours is just to Trust and Comply”.

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