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Joyfully, Tina

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day #240 - For Coins Sake

How quickly can we summarize today’s adventures? Typical start. Doc dragged me to Starbucks. Long Line. 5 minutes of waiting and didn’t even get to the order speaker. I spent the time talking to this cute couple -- tiny brown mice! They had a hole next to the order speaker and kept running in and out to investigate me. J

There were 3 coins at the Starbucks drive up window: a quarter, a dime and a penny. Next, at the McDonalds drive through, Doc ordered a McGriddle while I asked for a nickel. At the Pick Up window, he got his food, I got 2 pennies and a quarter. (Coins #4-6)

For the next four hours we worked on homework for our telephone meeting scheduled for tomorrow. That was an eye-opening lesson.


This afternoon we needed to do grocery shopping and food prep for the week. As we neared the grocery store, Doc said, “We need to walk and get in more steps today. I have less than 5,000 and want to get to 10,000!” Huh? Is this my couch potato husband talking? Who is this guy?

We walked the parking lot for 15 minutes. Doc found a penny in front of the bank (See photo).

(Coin #7). Doc likes the numbers - 7 coins today (lucky number) which have a value equal to his age (of ??)

A few minutes later Doc spotted a penny from 10 ft. away. He exclaimed “Look at that bright shiny penny!” (Coin #8) I was 5 feet away saying, “Where? I can’t see any”.

Lesson: Sometimes it takes a Ray of Light to illuminate opportunities in our pathway.

Doc spotted a penny by the check out stands as we walked into the grocery store. He also got a dime and a penny at the coin tray when checking out. After loading the groceries in the van, Doc went back inside to use the toilet. He found another penny in the check out area! I had searched those check out lanes 3 times! (Coin #9-12).

As we were driving out of the parking lot, Doc suddenly stomped on the brakes! I was just buckling up and did not appreciate the jolt. He thought he spied a penny in the drive. He backed up to investigate - it was a leaf. This man has a very serious case of Penny Fever!

I was saying, “put the car in gear and go home! However, STOP! Because there is now a shiny penny out there on my side of the car!” (Coin #13) Asphalt Mushroom!

We were still hoping for a nickel so we pulled into the 7-11 Store -- Just for Coins Sake. There was a penny in the aisle as I walked in. Then a penny by the coffee station. Then a penny by the beverage fridges. (Coins #14-16). I was desperately searching under the check out counter enough to raise the curiosity (or suspicion) of the cashier and security guard. So I “fessed up” with my true intentions by giving them each a Penny Finders card explaining how they were part of Day #240. They smiled. In the mean while, Doc had not found any outside in the parking lot and had even looked next door at the car wash! Penny Addict. I was so surprised and questioned him: “You walked all the way over there?” His reply: “It’s just next door.” Again I ask: “Who is this man?” The Body Snatchers have taken my Couch Potato and replaced him with a semi-motivated clone. This is exciting!


As we pulled into our driveway at home, some neighbors were walking past. I showed them the haul of pennies in my hand and gave them each a Penny Finders card. They smiled.

On the website we can count the number of smiles (visitors). How can I count the Live Smiles? If the goal is to generate 1,000,000 smiles, how are we going to track that? Of course each of YOU could undertake getting 100 smiles and then “report in” with your haul. J

Having fun with you tonight.

Tomorrow should be a major Roller Coaster day. Hang on tight … and no screaming please. Smiles will be sufficient J

With Joy,


Total for the day: 16 coins Q (2), D (2), N(0), P (12) = $0.82

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