In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day #247 - Meeting People

A great incoming story from Hui today. In a nutshell, she is faced with a major family dilemma and is wondering how to best resolve things. Her McDonald’s story for today: “

At the pay window, I found a quarter, 2 pennies, a dime and a nickel. At the pick up window, I found a penny in a crack and another dime.

Either way I ended up with at least one of each coin.

Penny Angels are giving me hope... and there's a nest of dragonflies outside, flying around my koi pond. I know I'm doing the right thing.


We had a 9 a.m. appointment with the surveyor so we headed out at 7:30 in order for Doc to get his coffee and then to get some steps under his belt. Doc got adventurous and went to a different Starbucks -- one between our current house and the lot! While Doc went inside, I walked around the parking lot to find Penny #1 for today.

Doc and I had 50 minutes remaining before our appointment, so we explored a shopping center where we would likely do much of our shopping. We walked our separate ways. I was walking saying: ‘Hi Penny Angels - What do you plan for today? Lead me, Guide me, Teach me, Train me.” “With whom will we share the story today?”

Wow! I had totally forgotten about that question until just now. I did share the Penny Finding story with several people today. When we stopped for lunch at

Coco’s, we saw a colleague and his wife. They sat down at our table and began telling us about their new house. I told them about Penny Tales.

I had emailed this woman a few weeks ago in regard to the book she has published. “The Floor is NOT an Option!” I wanted to ask her about

her publishing experience.

She suddenly appeared today and just sat down at our table! Interesting “Coincidence?”

Back to the Penny Finding: I walked through the Del Taco drive through figuring Doc would have already looked there. I was surprised to find a penny. Glanced back as I walked from the pickup window back toward the pay window. Spotted two more pennies! Once again, having the right perspective or angle on a situation makes all the difference. Then I got chased out by a large SUV who was expecting to have the right of way in that corridor. Found one penny while recording the finds of those previous pennies. (Coins #2-5)

Meanwhile Doc found a penny outside of Subway, a dime on the support frame of a paper rack and then a penny in the street in front of Vons. (Coins #6-8)


At the lot, several neighbors came out to chat with us. Very nice. As I was talking and walking the site with the Surveyor, a beautiful orange dragonfly kept buzzing and doing flybys with me. Nice omen.

We did meet with Carlos (the surveyor) and he said the job would be an easy one. We knew that already. Dimensions are a square 115 ft.
by 185 ft. We just need a topo map and to make sure the existing block walls are in the proper location.


While driving home and exiting the freeway, Doc spotted an embedded penny at the end of the freeway offramp. (Coin #9 - Embedded Foregone).


Later this afternoon Doc offered to look at my house designs - if I would first go with him to the store for peanut butter and groceries. L I wanted to stay home and make progress on some of the projects going on. (And get the piles off my floors).

When we arrived at the first grocery store, Doc surprised me by wanting to walk for a while before going in. I found an old beat up penny by the Baskin Robbins shop. Walked over it when entering the store and did not notice it. Noticed it when walking back the other direction.

Lesson Again: How vital it is to “Have the Proper Perspective”.

At the second grocery store I notice a penny by the boxes of fruit drinks. I summoned Doc to snap a photo. He was looking elsewhere. I asked him why he wasn’t even looking at the coin. He said he was! It was a different penny than I was looking at! (Coins #11&12)

As we were driving home and stopped at a red light, Doc searched the median. Yes, he found a penny. He retrieved it, buckled up, moved the van forward a few feet, and spotted a second penny! (Coins #13&14). A one signal, double dive maneuver. Pretty impressive.

Total for the day: 14 coins D (1), P (12) + one embedded = $0.23

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