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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day #250 - Memorable Moments

Today is Day #250 of consecutive penny finding. It is 4:30 in the afternoon. I brought a laptop computer to the cabin thinking it might come in handy. I am downstairs using it to type to you while the flooring installers are upstairs working. All around me sawdust is falling like a light snowstorm. The vibrations the workers are creating, has caused a blanket of sawdust over everything down here – including me! Need to put on a dust mask.


This morning I asked the Penny Angels for something different, special, or maybe memorable. Remind me never to do that again. The day began nicely enough. The installers called to say their truck was loaded up at the warehouse and they would meet me in an hour. I arrived at the cabin 5 minutes before they did and got things unlocked and the water turned on.

The workers reviewed the job with me and then we all began moving furniture out on the deck. After pulling up the carpet and seeing the cupping of the wood planks underneath, it was suggested we put down a whole new subfloor. This “little job” of replacing the filthy living room carpet has now snowballed from $3,000 to triple that! Sticker shock, (Memorable Moment #1).

I agreed to proceed and Josh drove down the hill to get 23 sheets of plywood and his pneumatic nailer. Patrick and Donny continued the demolition work.


I set up an “office” (table, chair and laptop) in the carport in hopes of getting some work done. Didn’t happen. Instead, as I walked out there to begin working, something in my left calve snapped loudly. Excruciating pain! (Memorable Moment #2). I tried to stay off it, but still needed to do one or two things. And pulled it a second time. That sent me to the sofa in the downstairs room for the rest of the afternoon.

I got off the sofa just to use the toilet. As I left the bathroom, I heard water continuing to run. (I am slightly sensitive to the sound of running water since the flood we had in our Pomona house a few years ago. It took 9 months of reconstruction with that job). I turned back to see the toilet over flowing and not stopping! STUFF Happens. (Memorable Moment #3) I dove for the shut off valve while yelling for assistance from the guys upstairs. They quickly ran down. They were working in the kitchen and not doing anything with the water lines. It was a local problem. I shouted for TOWELS! and started mopping as fast as I could. I had put all the bathroom towels away to clear things for the workers. Rats. I had one hand towel and the shop rags from the guys to do all the mopping. My leg was screaming in pain, the towels were saturated, the guys were wondering how to best help and I was feeling a little overwhelmed at the time.

After mopping the flood, I found a toilet plunger and dealt with the situation. Just now I turned the shut off valve back on and am writing to you while cautiously staying within the vicinity.


During the worker’s lunch break I told them about Penny Tales. Josh said they almost always find several coins when moving furniture and ripping out old carpeting. Today they did not!

So far no coins today… L


11:30 PM I am home now with a pack of frozen peas on my leg. The workers left the cabin at 7 PM . I locked up and headed home.

While driving I was talking to the Angels about the manner in which they chose to make it a “Memorable Day”. Told them it was not what I meant. However, there was a wonderful and colorful sunset to enjoy on the drive.


I still needed to stop at Lowe’s for supplies and so half way home I stopped to call Doc and ask him to “make me a cold one” for when I got home. (I wanted him to freeze one of those first aide wraps for me).

When I arrived at Lowe’s, I expected to find coins. I “hopped” out of my truck and stepped on something. A lump - but it was chewing gum! EWWW! (Memorable Moment #4) Going up and down the aisles was really painful on the leg. At the check out stations I did not find any coins on the initial pass. Finally I PLEADED with the angels, “PLEASE. I can’t walk another step. It hurts too much. Just let me find at least one penny before I leave the building. I need to have a coin today and I can’t bear the thought of walking any more.” Thirty seconds later I found two shiny pennies. (Coins #1&2)

The cashier, Baby, asked me about my Penny Pendant. I gave her a card and told her about Penny Tales. She seemed to enjoy that. (A fourth opportunity to share today).


When I arrived home Doc said that he had found coins today. Yipee!

Doc’s story, “Sparky and I went to the LaVerne Freeway Starbucks. No coins! We checked the dirt planter and everything! I headed to the Fruit Street McDonalds. Stopped at a signal thinking ‘If I find a coin in the median, I won’t need to go buy a McBreakfast.’ There was a penny!” (Coin #3). So he retrieved the coin and aborted the McDonalds trip. J

Doc drove through town and then to the Shell station. He found a quarter while driving into the station - before even getting to the pumps. (Coin #4)

He went to school for most of the day. Then went through the Pomona McDonalds on this way home. Searched and had given up, but then found a single penny. (Coin #5).

Drove next door to the NEW Starbucks which just opened today! He was sooo excited to be there on Grand Opening Day.


Total: 5 coins Q (1), D (0), N(0), P (4) = $0.29

Today’s Lesson: Choose your words very carefully when issuing requests to the Universe.

The Laws of Manifestation are always in effect. However, the outcomes may not necessarily be what you expected. Try to be specific in your request.

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Mandy said...

Nice picture of you plunging the toilet!!!
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