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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day #254 - Work Angels

Our Work Angels were such a blessing and the cabin is now “sparkling” (at least on the main level). The plan was to set up and eat quietly from 7-8 AM, then activate the tools and work from 8-Noon. We accomplished much! There were four hours of intense work. Baseboards were laid in the kitchen and bathroom. Kitchen cabinets, furniture, walls, beams, lights, etc. were clean and polished. Then I insisted everyone quit and we go out for lunch. The guys would not cooperate – they wanted to set up the new tool cabinet in the car port. (See photo). Buggers! My camera is still at the cabin!

Around 1 PM we packed up our guests (Work Angels) and all their belongings and headed down the mountain. We stopped for lunch then showed them the new Deer Creek lot. Charlene wanted to see the “Before” because we could be under construction by their next visit. ;-)

The guests headed home to Vegas and Albuquerque while Doc and I headed to Home Depot for supplies. I had a list of about 20 “Honey Dos” waiting for us when we got back to the cabin. When we got off the freeway once again Doc looked out and said: “I don’t see any coins on my side”, to which I replied “but I do on my side!” De ja Vu! Same offramp; same conversation last week. I had to let it go since it was too dangerous. (Foregone penny - coin #1).

Starbucks stop was next – Doc needed the fuel to make it back up the mountain. I got a nickel and 2 pennies. (Coins #2-4).

We worked until 9 PM, packed and shut down the cabin by 11:15, and headed home.

Upon leaving the cabin and going through town, my truck would not let me shift into second gear. L The freeway drive was fine, but then approaching home, I could not shift into second, third, or fourth. Not good. Doc and I traded vehicles. He limped the truck home. I was soooooo grateful that he was shadowing me and this mechanical problem did not occur during last week when I was making all those trips alone.

Lesson: There are all sorts of Angels watching out for us.

Total for the day: 4 coins N(1), P (3) = $0.08

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Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful time...many hands make light work!
...your Work Angels