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Friday, August 28, 2009

Day #252 - Mountain Climbing

Today the plan was to head back up the mountain and finish off the installation of the new flooring. Had several tasks to complete before that. Stopped at CVS to return one of the items bought yesterday. A nickel in my path as I entered the store. Nickels seem to be the most difficult to find, so that was a nice surprise. (Coin #1)

Doc insisted upon his Starbucks stop before we got on the freeway. Four dirt pennies in the planter, then a nickel at the window. (Coins #2-6).

Next stop was at OSH Hardware for an upright Lawn/Tool shed. While waiting for assistance, I wandered back and forth around the check out area. Nothing. Doc wandered over and pointed to my feet? I was almost standing on a dime. The floor was light colored and I didn’t see it! (Coin #7).

We stopped at 7-11 so Doc could get a lottery ticket. Doc pointed to a penny under the counter. I went diving (on the non-injured leg) and came up with that penny, a quarter, another penny, plus a dime. (Coins #8-11). So we went from seven (coins) to eleven at 7-11. J

Meanwhile Doc was turning in his $1 ticket for his $9 win. That is the biggest payoff he has ever had! (That would be 900 pennies!)


On the way up the mountain Doc made his stop at the San Bernardino McDonalds. Derrick was in the window and said “Hi Penny Lady” as I picked up two shiny pennies (Coins #12&13).

We arrived at the cabin mid afternoon just as the flooring crew was packing up. We inspected their work, helped them get all the furniture back in the house, put floor protectors under everything, paid them, and gave them PennyFinder pens as Thank Yous. J Then Doc and I got to work.

We had approximately 6 hours to make the place ready for our out-of-state visitors. The goal was to at least clean the loft area so they could have one small area to park their suitcases and sleep. Doc and I put it in high gear. Around 7 PM Doc demanded feeding. A quick run to the grocery store yielded some calories for Doc and a nickel and a penny to fuel me. J (Coins #14&15).

Our guests arrived around 10 PM to a reasonably clean environment. We chatted for quite a while and then it was off to bed.


Total for the day: 15 coins Q (1), D (2), N(3), P (9) = $0.69

Hit for the Cycle

Driving up the mountain I was doing some contemplating ….

WHY am I doing this? It is certainly not the monetary value of the coins.

Is it stubbornness?

Is it persistence?

Is it the rush of adrenalin when a coin is collected?

Is it the smiles generated?

Is it a calling?

Is it a “have to do?”

Is it ego gratification?

Expectations of others?

Not letting the Penny Pals down?

Like people who climb mountains.

Why do they subject themselves to the agony?

Because there are mountains to be climbed.

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Anonymous said...

Can't be ego. It is stubbornness.