In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Day #248 - Role Reversal

I found only one coin today and was happy with that. Doc is seriously afflicted with Penny Fever. He is a CHANGED man! Reversed Roles. He is walking and now challenging me every day to match him in both steps walked and coins found! What a testimonial to the influence of Penny Angels J

Doc and Sparky went out for their morning date. A quick stop at Circle K to redeem Doc’s big $1 winning lottery ticket. On the floor at the register there was a bright shiny penny with only one customer standing in the way of retrieving it. Not a problem! (Coin #1). Short line at the LaVerne Starbucks. Found a quarter at the window. (Coin #2) Began driving away and spotted a penny just around the corner. Parked the van and walked back to get Coin #3.


I found a dime at school in the student union. Looked for coins twice through the dining area, had given up and was leaving when I spotted a dime. (Coin #4).


Doc spent the day doing some research and went to the County Records office. He exited the freeway to visit the West Covina Starbucks and found a Median Penny! (Coin #5). In the drive through, there were no cars behind him, so he collected a penny from the planter, then a dime behind him, then another dime 10 ft. in front of the car. (Coins #6-8).

Doc spotted a bright, shiny penny as he was getting on the freeway. He assessed the situation and decided not to accept this opportunity. Foregone Penny (Coin #9). He mourned that loss the rest of the evening.

Doc dropped by school to take care of a few tasks and deliver his precious coin finds. He then went to McDonalds on his way home for burgers, one quarter, one dime, and two pennies. (Coins #10-13).


When I arrived home at 7:15, Doc handed me some trail mix, a food bar, and a Doc McMuffin which he had made for me. We were out the door and on our way to get base molding. The flooring company wants $3/ft to install molding. We could buy it for 33¢/ft and install it with our out-of-state friends (Charlene and Jim) this weekend when they come to visit us. But the molding is 12ft long and so we need to rent the Home Depot truck to haul it! But the rental desk was closed so my little truck would have to carry the load. She did it faithfully.

I was speaking to Charlene about their arrival when Doc spotted another median coin just off the freeway as it was getting dark. (Coin #14) That man is talented! Two median coins today. And the Nickel makes it a Hit for the Cycle as well!

At Home Depot we got all the supplies, plus two pennies. I overlooked them, but Doc has eagle eyes. (Coins #15&16). Jordan, the cashier was really friendly as he rang up our order. Doc and I were leaving the building when I was “nudged” to turn back and give Jordan a Penny Finder card and quickly tell him the story. He said: “Hang on a moment”. Then he reached across and handed me a penny he had just found! (Indirect Find). Fun exchange. Joy SHARED.

I then realized the day did not seem “complete” until I had shared with someone.

We delivered the molding to the cabin then headed home. As we passed the San Bernardino Starbucks and then the McDonalds and other places, Doc asked: “Stop? Look?” (He could tell part of me was really tempted since I only had one coin today). I firmly told him: “NO!!!! I still need to go home and write about all these!” “STOP! Or else you can write your own darn Tales!” Reversed Roles.

Doc: 15 coins Q (2), D (3), N(1), P (8) + 1 Foregone Penny = $0.94

Tina: 1 coin Q (0), D (1), N(0), P (0) = $0.10

Combined: Q (2), D (4), N(1), P (8) + 1 Foregone Penny = $1.04

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