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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day #226 - Dime Day

I told the Penny Angels that I still needed time to recover from July’s mega Finds. I needed a quiet weekend. The Angels did not comply. There were over 50 coins found today.

Now that Doc has a pedometer, he is more motivated to walk. He suggested we put in some steps for 30-50 minutes and walk around the Arrowhead Village. Since there had been a music festival the previous night, that seemed like a “Target Rich Environment”.



Doc and I decided to walk independently so that we might find more coins, then meet at the van after 30 minutes. I wanted to walk aerobically, while he preferred to meander. After 15 minutes of walking, I finally found a penny in front of the Subway. Yipee! And a nickel as I was recording the find. Then another penny under a concrete bench - required a one-knee retrieval. Then a quarter in the parking area!

At that point I said out loud: “Penny Angels we need a dime to ‘Hit for the Cycle’. Did you get that? We need a dime.”

Then I did a Singsong: “Penny Angels, Penny Angels, what do you say? Can I beat Doc’s score for today?”

Found a penny as I was approaching the van. I had 6 coins at that point.

Doc, “I found a penny at the Pub, then a dime, then a button, a slug, a dime at the toy shop, and two pennies at the Sushi restaurant.” (Where I had already looked).

I spotted a nickel then a penny as we were standing there talking - so the score was Tina 8, Doc 5. Note: all the coins to that point were ‘solo’ finds - we had not shared the story with anyone.

We were having fun, so we decided to walk for another 20 minutes.

I found a penny (with green paint on it) in a divet in an overlook, then a penny when I said “I’m going to walk on the edge of the parking stalls vs. the down the center of the stalls”, then another shiny one. I thought that was a fair find: 3 coins in 20 minutes.

When we met up, Doc relayed his adventure. He found a penny in the lot, then a nickel under the exterior base molding of one of the stores. Doc shared that he was feeling a little discouraged because he was searching “in my wake”. Doc went into the parking structure, but it was too clean and dark in there. He emerged to a shiny penny and felt that it was a sign to proceed down that path. He went around a corner to find a scattering of coins - 6 pennies and two dimes. Then he was ‘nudged’ to go into the stairwell (Doc doesn’t do stairs - he takes elevators) where he found a dime and a penny. Then two dimes at tables where I had quickly slalomed and searched!

Remember my request to the Angels for a dime? I did not get any, but Doc had seven!

So the score with this morning’s game was Tina - 11, Doc - 20

Doc had 4,500 steps, I had 6,800 steps and 51 minutes of aerobic walking.

Morning walk:

Tina 11 coins Q (1), D (0), N(2), P (8) = $0.38

Doc 20 coins Q (0), D (7), N(1), P (12) = $0.87


Doc had to stop at McDonalds in Blue Jay for his sausage biscuit. A dime and two pennies there. One dime at the Starbucks counter and a penny at the bakery counter in the grocery store. (Coins #35&36). You would think the man would be satisfied at that point.

We went back to the cabin and packed to go home.



After a long wait at the Starbucks down the mountain, no coins! Nothing at Del Taco or KFC. Doc wanted the $1 McNuggets, so we drove through and found 4¢ there. Two shinies at the first window (the new log cabin pennies) and two at the second window. (Coins #37-40).


We had 8 places to ‘hit’ in three hours this afternoon. Doc found a penny at the copy counter in the Office Supply Store. As we drove past the Wendy’s we both noticed the lack of cars. We had never searched there before… Detour. There were 4 pennies and a dime - not laying on the pavement, but all in a deep expansion joint perpendicular to the window. Doc found 2 pennies at the self Check Out of Home Depot. (48 coins now) Susie, the cashier. had been asking me about my penny pendant just as Doc approached with his find. That was the first time I had shared today. Two pennies at McDonalds for Doc’s McDouble. (Yes, that is three meals at McDonalds for him today). A penny found with Heather at Trader Joes. A penny outside the Stater Bros. grocery store.

Subtotal 16 coins Q (0), D (1), N(0), P (15) = $0.25


Total for the day 52 coins Q (1), D (10), N(3), P (38) = $1.78


Doc wrote the Summary:
Tina asked the Penny Angels to “Beat Doc” in Penny Finding. The answer was “No” even though Doc was searching in Tina’s wake. J

Tina asked the Angels for dimes - Doc got them. J

Lesson: The Value of a Good Team.

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