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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day #243 - Pennies, Prayers, Progress

Maybe yesterday was quiet so that we could catch our breath and run today. I was still in pajamas when Doc insisted I go to Starbucks with him L I picked up a penny and a dime below the window, then turned to hand Doc his coffee. He had Sparky in his arms, so I went to the passenger side of the van and tried to give him coffee through the open window. Hot coffee on my hand, on the seat and on the cassette recorder! Unkind words uttered here. Got in the car and we were driving away when I noticed the dime was missing. Curses. Had to go back and find it a second time! (Coins #1&2)

Doc said two coins was not a respectable number, so he had to go through McDonalds for food. Someone was “tossing their pennies” today. There were 10 pennies at the first window, 2 pennies at the second window, and two in the dirt beyond that! (Coins #3-16). Coin Mine!

Doc said that number was now respectable and we could proceed with our day.


House Progress:

The Realtor called as we arrived back home - our check was going into Escrow this morning and we might have some paperwork to do on Friday.

This afternoon I spoke with Harold who is the President of the HOA as well as the Head of the Architectural Review Board for the neighborhood. He was really nice. When I’m through writing today’s Penny Tale, I will send him files with our Claremont plans so that he can review them tomorrow morning and give us advice before we begin the design process for the new house.

At 5 p.m. the Realtor called again. Things look good so far. She just received the Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement from the bank which she forwarded for review. That little statement is 46 pages long! And this is for a bare lot! Imagine if there was a house on it!


As we were driving home from work, Doc suggested we walk somewhere before going home. He was only at 4900steps so far today. Huh? Is this my couch potato man? We set a goal to meet in 15 minutes and walked the Park and Ride lot by the freeway. I figured we had found enough coins today and did not want to write about any more. So I did a Singsong loudly proclaiming: “Hi Penny Angels, What do you say? I’m focused on only STEPS today.” Within 2 minutes I found a group of coins in one parking spot: a dime, a nickel, and three pennies. (Coins #17-21). The Penny Angels were being brats!

Doc found a penny at the waiting area benches. I found another one where he had already walked. (Coins #22-23).

We hopped in the van and begin driving. Doc was wondering how he would get in more steps at home! I told him to pull over and we’d walk the upper lot for 10 minutes. We each walked the lot 3-4 times. Then Doc exited the lot and signaled a find! I took the photo and asked him what had caused him to go “outside the box?” He replied: “If someone was in a hurry to catch the bus, and I was a penny in their pocket, where might I land?” So he investigated the crack between the parking lot and the street. Sure enough there was an upright penny in the crack! (Coin #24).

Note: Couch Potato Man has logged more steps in each day than I have - for 10 consecutive days!

Total for the day: 24 coins Q (0), D (2), N(1), P (21) = $0.46

Thought: It’s great to have a partner/friend who has intelligence AND Angels on their side. Can YOU fill that role for someone you know?

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