In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day #363 - Return to JOY

This morning the Press Release was issued regarding the Day #365 Celebration. The 3400+ coins will be dropped into the Salvation Army red kettle at the Whittier JC Penney Store at 10 AM.

That will be the KickOff of the One Million Smiles Penny Campaign. So do your part and “gift” at least ONE coin that day wherever you are. Almost any store, restaurant, etc. has a collection box. Then go to to add your smile, and encourage others to do the same.


Just two days until the one-year mark!

When we reached 100 Consecutive Days, I asked “Now What? We embarked on the “10 weeks of Change”.

When that ended I asked Penny Angels, “Now What?” and there was the 25 Days of Promise.

At Day #200 I asked, “What is the new plan”? and we started “taking it to the streets”. Involving more than just close friends.

At Day #300 I asked, “next?” and got “just hang in there”.

At Day #325 I realized, “Holy Cow! This could really go for ONE WHOLE YEAR! This is insane!”

At Day #363 I am too chicken to think about anything more. This just keep growing!


This morning Doc went to Johnny’s Burgers for his breakfast and returned with 3 pennies for me. (Coins #1-3). Then he went to school. I had intended to get out and run some errands this morning, but the phone calls and emails just kept coming in… By 2 PM I was just showering and getting breakfast!

Doc returned at 3 PM and we headed to Chatsworth to pick up those Penny Cards before 5 PM. Doc detoured through Jack-in-the-Box to get his lunch. I got a penny, a second penny, then a nickel, then a dime and then at the last minute, another dime! Nice. (Coins #4-8)

Arrived at the printers just before 5 PM. The Penny Cards look great! I was telling the print production guy that he could have the first card if he cut open the box so we could see them before leaving. The guy did, but Doc said that HE should be my #1 ;-) OK Honey. Production guys got #2&3.


We had some time until our 7 PM meeting in Pasadena, so of course Doc stopped at Starbucks. We spent time learning about a FLIP camera which we plan to use for Saturday’s event.

We still had 15 minutes to spare, so we went Penny Hunting. It’s a great sport because it needs no tools or special clothing. It can be done anywhere, 24 hours a day. You can play a 2 minute game or a 20 minute game. Play it solo or with a partner. Play it quietly, or involve others in your finds. It’s FUN!

We entered the CVS Pharmacy. I spotted a shiny penny just inside the door by the Pointsettias. (Coin #9) Doc headed down the aisles while I walked across the front of the store. Found another penny (Coin #10). I was ready to leave, but Doc was still in the store. I felt awkward ‘casing the joint’, so I grabbed a beverage to purchase. Spotted a penny. (Coin #11) Dove across the aisle for it right as the store manager was walking past. I could have left it at that, but I laughed and said “Excuse me, I’m Penny Hunting! Today is Day #363 and YOU are part of Today’s Penny Tale!” Gave him a card and we were laughing. It was simply silly and playful. Share the JOY.

As Doc arrived the manager shared how I had “nearly bowled him over …”. We were all laughing at the antics. The gal at the cash register was wondering about us so I gave her a card and said, “We are just having fun and being JOYFUL over a found penny. We are trying to generate one million penny smiles”. Her comment, “Thank You! So many people are cranky and stressed during the holidays. It is nice to see someone enjoying.”


I was reflecting on the Cashier’s comment as we drove to our meeting. WOW!

Are people out of hand with Christmas?

Dime at the gas station (Coin #12)

Lesson: Trinkets and gadgets aren’t what bring JOY. The once-a-year shopping frenzy can serve as a fabricated, short-term imitation form of JOY. But how genuine is it?

Real JOY can be presented in the simple act of picking up a penny and sharing it with the persons in the area. And it is so easy to do!

Today’s Total: 12 coins P (8), N (1), D (3), Q (0) = $0.43

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Chaz DeSimone said...

Profound as usual! Glad you like the cards. Also glad you brought joy to the store mgr and cashier; they must be stressed with the "typical" customers...but that's not you!