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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day #372 - Determined

Doc wanted to go out for coffee this morning and wanted me to go along. (He hates doing things by himself). I did not want to go, but he argued that I must get out of the house in order to find today’s coin. So I went out with Sparky and him.

Doc offered to dump me at a parking lot of my choice and he would surely find a Starbucks nearby. I chose Claremont high school. I hopped out of the van and was arranging my pedometer, recording device, cell phone, etc. while Doc began driving away. He stopped after a few seconds and hopped out to collect two dimes! Then he began driving away again and stopped for another dime! Three Sit-N-Find dimes! (Coins #1-3).

As he was once again departing, he found a penny, then another one! (Coins #4&5). I asked him to be patient with me and perhaps I would find a coin within a few minutes and we could leave together. I wandered through some picnic tables and collected a nickel. Great! (Coin #6). Now we could leave.

But Doc had Penny Fever, so he continued cruising the parking lot. He found another penny and I found a dime (Coins #7&8).

Doc went to Starbucks while I cruised the Chevron gas station and convenience store next door. A penny inside the store and the opportunity to Share the PennyFinders story. (Coin #9). The coffee machine was broken so that meant we needed to find a different Starbucks.

We were traveling on Foothill Blvd., a very busy street. While stopped at a red light, Doc spotted a median penny. He hopped out to discover it was glued on a rock. So he grabbed my pocket knife and pried it off! That is a daring penny recovery. It all happened so quickly I did not even have time to get my camera out. (Coin #10). The penny still has the glue on it.

Doc dropped me out a few blocks from the Starbucks so that I could walk while he was waiting in line and then eating his breakfast and drinking his coffee. I found a penny in a video store parking lot. (Coin #11).

We needed some groceries from Trader Joes so we made a quick stop there. No coins inside, but a penny as we were returning to our van. (Coin #12).

The dogs needed their nails trimmed and I kept putting it off while we were gearing up for the Day #365 activities. So today I took them to see the groomer and there was a coin by the door of the shop. It looked very, very discolored and I thought it was a very worn penny. But it was lighter weight and slightly smaller. I think it may be a dime. (Coin #13).

There is a new, huge thrift store which recently opened. I have been anxious to explore it, but have always had Doc with me when passing there. (Shopping and Doc - not a good combination). Today I only had the dogs in the car and they were just happy to be going anywhere in the car, so they didn’t complain when I stopped. I didn’t purchase a single item for anyone before Christmas so maybe I could splurge now.

I selected a dozen garments to try on, then found out there was no dressing room in the store! How frustrating. So either I buy everything without trying it on (not acceptable), abandon all that effort of searching (wasteful), or devise something else … Hmmm …I was determined to devise a solution here. Found a not-too-traveled section of the store in the furniture area. Took a mirror from a dresser, three chairs to hold items (my clothes, rejects, and ones to buy), plus one folding screen for some privacy. Voila! A makeshift dressing room.

I was gone from home for two hours and Doc asked why so long? “Major shopping spree honey. Two pants, three blouses and eight CDs plus tax for under $24!”

Not a bad day’s Hunting. J

Today’s Total: 13 coins P (7), N (1), D (5), Q (0) = $0.62

Lesson: Determination (or stubbornness) can be the Mother of creativity.

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Chaz DeSimone said...

Tina, I just read the last 7 posts, and I feel the joy that I had working on your project. Your writing is so entertaining, and then the Lesson is the part I look forward to the most. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into these well-documented stories, the color treatments, and the photos. But once again, most of all I appreciate your wisdom in the Lesson.