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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day #895 - Highlights

There are some days where it feels like you got up “on the wrong side of the bed”. Today was one of those days and by noon I wanted to erase the day and start over. By late afternoon I had mentally logged in a whole list of “poopey things”. And I was totally aware that I was focusing on the negative aspects of the day when I could have chosen to HIGHLIGHT the good things instead.

This evening as the sun was setting I was driving and spotted these two pinecones. There was shade all around them, yet the sun shone directly on them to HIGHLIGHT them.

Thought: Have these two pinecones fallen from the tree and become, damaged, run over, worthless, dying? Or have new seeds just burst forth and spread out to begin new life? How do YOU see it? Which explanation would you chose to HIGHLIGHT?


I wish I could draw a vertical line and create two columns here for you.

Day A and Day B. Let you do a side-by-side comparison.


Took Mom to the dentist today. Remember on Day #881 the topic was people who take pride in their work? Today Dr. Shakespeare completed the job competently along with humor and caring. Mom’s appointment was for 4:30. By 4:32 she was in the chair with the temporary cap removed and new crown on for a test fit. By 4:38 the dentist had made his inspection and by 4:40 the tooth was in place. Awesome!

We were within 5 miles of a fireplace shop I wanted to visit, so mom agreed to detour. Remember how on Day #888 I told the Penny Angels if they wanted me to use amber glass blobs, then THEY would need to provide those. On Day # 890 the blobs were provided and this morning I called that shop to see if I could buy some. The rep said he would call the supplier tomorrow. This afternoon at the other fireplace shop, one display used those amber drops!. OK Angels, I get the hint! The sales rep let me buy 50 of the blobs.

Since mom’s stomach was empty (not by her choosing), she needed food. We got her a burger and fries to eat while I was driving the rush-hour freeway traffic. Then she wanted to stop at Trader Joe’s for some dessert munchies - chocolate, candied ginger, corn tortillas, and ginger cookies. With a diet like that, no wonder she was throwing up earlier! We got everything on her wish list, but not on mine. I searched every check out lane and found no coins. When leaving I said, “Please Angels. This has been a rough day. I am weary right now. I just want to go home and end today. I am begging you to provide a penny now so that I don’t have to look anywhere else. Please?” There was a penny near the exit door. Thank You! (Coin #1)


I finally made it to the jobsite today - at 6 PM! All I can say is WOW! Standing in that Aussie guest room I was just speechless. Wow. To see the rooms on paper this past year has been exciting, to stand there today was ???? Definitely the HIGHLIGHT of my day

Total: 1 Penny

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