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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day #923 - Movin' On

We had a 7:45 am meeting at the job site, so that meant an early wakeup followed by a drive through the nearest McDonalds. Once on the job site we spent 1.5 hours refining the placement of some of the kitchen walls, ceiling details, garage ladder placements, and other items. Fun to stand in the kitchen and look up at the chapel windows. That was enough work for the day. J We went home to shoot off some emails, make phone calls, and fetch our houseguests.

Our houseguests had made their breakfast, packed their bags, cleaned house and were ready to leave. Mum Scriven was off to stay with Mother Teresa. At 12:30 we delivered our precious cargo to their next destination. We were treated to a tour of the Moreno Mansion. Wow! Their home looked liked something out of an Architectural Digest magazine.

Doc and I made a brief stop for a sandwich and a penny. (Coin #1). Then it was a 65-mile drive back to Cucamonga. We spent an hour on fireplace research at the library (there was air conditioning there). Then we returned to the job site. The pony walls in the kitchen were in place, the pantry wall moved, and the exterior chimney box had been framed. (See video).

By then it was 5 pm and Doc wanted a snack. McDonalds drive thru for two burgers and a penny. (Coin #2).

As we exited the freeway to return home, I was semi-laying in my seat with a horrible headache. Doc said “any coins on your side?” I didn’t care if there was one or not. Actually I was hoping there wasn’t one. But there was. And my shoes were off. And the light was a stale red. And there was another car coming off the freeway behind me. I wanted to call that one a “foregone”. But I went from 0 to 60, plus retrieval in about 4 seconds. (Coin #3)

Total: 3 Pennies

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