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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day #901 - Finding

Yesterday we found the missing tools and once again learned about ‘finding’ more than coins. Today we continued to “Find” great things! Over the past 900 days we have continued to see the power of requesting, verbalizing, and believing. More of that today …


Around noon today I headed out to the jobsite. Stopped to leave a thank you gift on the doorstep of the neighbors who reported the suspicious truck and occupants Sunday night.

The neighbor (13 houses away) caught me in action and warmly invited me inside the house. As I result of that burglary, we now have found new friends!


That stop took 30 minutes instead of the planned 3 minutes, leaving me only 3 minutes out on the job site today. I quickly offloaded supplies from Pippy, said hello and Happy Birthday to Framer Danny, then headed home. I fetched Doc, then dropped him off at school where he could prepare some final exams.

Today was our bi-weekly Play Time with the kids. I picked up the kids from their house, then drove the 25 miles back to campus so we could “Find Uncle Doc”. On our way to his office, we stopped at the Japanese Garden to find fish, ducks and turtles.

Next we set out to say “good bye” to a number of people on campus. Several of these people have known the kids for their whole American lives. Since the kids will be moving away this summer, it was a chance to see these people one last time.

I told the kids we needed to find coins today (verbalizing) since I had none yet. Within moments, Ashley found a quarter. Not merely a penny, but 25¢! (Coin #1)

One of the boys said he was hungry and wanted a snack. Minutes later were walking past my old office when Karen appeared in front of us and said, “Do you want some snacks? I have a few cases in here”. So we went “Junk Food Finding”.

After we found Uncle Doc, we headed for dinner at the cafeteria.

The kids remembered Kevin, the magician whom we met on Day #677 (see story). They asked (verbalized) if we might Find Kevin again? What are the chances of finding one particular student out of 20,000? Not likely - unless you have Angel Assistance. Within minutes Magician Kevin appeared on the same path we were walking! He then asked if he could join us for dinner versus sitting with his friends! He said he had not eaten at that spot for several weeks, but was ‘nudged’ to do so tonight. Incredible.

After dinner we headed to our house for berry picking. We only get to do that one day a year with the kids. Each kid picked a whole bag full!

Next we headed to the construction site. I wanted to have the kids actually stand in the house before they move away this summer.

At 8:45 PM we returned the kids to their parents and thanked them all for another JOYous Play Time.


As we were driving home, Doc noted that the van needed petrol and I needed my coin for today. So we stopped at a gas station. I no longer wonder IF I will find a coin. I hopped out of the van saying, “Penny Angels, show me a coin”. Within seconds, the car in front of us drove away to leave a penny in its wake! Thank You Penny Angels. (Coin #2)

OK. I’ll admit it; I’ve got Penny Fever. I just had to go inside the convenience store to check for more coins. There were three pennies there. A Penny Card was given to the cashier. Shared JOY.

Lesson: Keep Asking, Keep Believing, Keep Finding what you are seeking

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.29

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