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Friday, June 17, 2011

Day #910 - New Views

Doc wasn’t at the job site yesterday, so today he was anxious to get out there and see some of the second story walls going up. It was still early and the nearby KFC had not yet opened. So we drove through and got one Sit-N-Find penny. (Coin #1)

Once at the jobsite, things were constantly happening. The upper walls were being hoisted, Danny (framer) had questions for us, the neighbor came over to discuss our common wall, Daryl (project manager) visited, Bill (roofer) dropped by to see how long until his services will be needed and more!

After so much reading and paper pushing yesterday, today Doc had the urge to do something physical (manly) so he trimmed the vines along half of the South wall. Tonight he is feeling the results. That was enough work to satisfy that urge for a while. LOL


This afternoon Doc went for a haircut, to take the van for a wash, and then he shopped at the 99¢ store. He found a penny in the cookie aisle and a quarter in the feminine hygiene area. (Who knows what he was doing there?) (Coins #2&3).


Initially I thought the highlight of today was climbing up the extension ladder, standing on the second level, and seeing the new views. The view of the neighborhood, the framing on the first level, and the height of the Grand Room left me speechless. I just keep saying Wow!

As I am reflecting on today, I think my favorite part was sitting on the lawn and talking with the three framers: Jaime, Carlos and Jose Luis as they were having lunch. I am so amazed at their talents and ability to work for hours lifting, cutting, nailing, hoisting. They are really special people and we are very blessed to have them on the Penny Palace building team.

Total: 3 Coins P (2), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.27

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