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Joyfully, Tina

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Special Story P.S.

So many of you wrote back to say thanks for sharing the Special Story - that it brought you smiles or JOY.

So here is a quick P.S. for today ….

There is a whole lot more to the story, but that would be way too long to write. Just trust me -- it is amazing.

This story was triggered when concerned and caring neighbors called police to report suspicious activity at 3 AM. (We can all be similar neighbors where we live).

Goliath, Tyson, and Pistacchio used their keen “CENTS” of intuition to notify their people that something was just not good about that white truck out on the street by their house. So that led their people to do a quick evaluation and then take action. Which then, of course, led to our eventual tool recovery.

Today I went to deliver some dog treats and leave a thank you note on the neighbor’s doorstep. They live 13 houses away. Redonna (Kanines' People) caught me, so I explained things. WOW!!!! We had such an incredible 30 minutes together. What a JOYOUS experience. That 30 minutes almost made the whole incidence worthwhile. And reading YOUR responses email smiles is overwhelming. Wish I could forward all those notes to you as well.

Like a ripple on a pond … one small action can have tremendous implications.

What little action could you take today to create ripples of JOY?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why that's an easy one for me ...I just stocked the fridge with BEER and put some fresh peanuts in the bowl for the guys!
Now that will make miles of smiles of JOY lol.....