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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Special Story

Part A: Written Monday Afternoon (Day #899 of Consecutive Penny Finding)

This morning there was a call at 8 AM from our construction Project manager, Daryl. I was expecting an outline of this week’s plans. Not the case. He said, “Our site has been burglarized and all the tools are gone.” Immediate sinking feeling.

My mind went racing:

a) Framer Danny needs his tools. That is his livelihood. How to keep him in business? Rent a Tool? Pawn Shops?

b) Call Police, file report

c) Make list of missing items as best we can remember them

d) Not necessary to call insurance for Doc’s and my gear because we have $1000 deductible; not sure about Danny’s tools.

Since it is Final Exam week, Doc headed to school and said, “Good Luck in dealing with it”.

I quickly dressed, typed the missing Items list, called the police, and headed to the job site. Driving on the freeway I was thinking “Glad there is plenty of gas in Pippy’s tank so I don’t need to stop for that.”

Then I started talking to the Angels “Hey! We did not install security or surveillance devices. I kinda thought you would be watching over the Penny Palace. Did you take Sunday Off? Now that this has happened, just what are you going to do about it? Today you need to find more than pennies. How about finding Danny’s tools or at least some replacement tools? PLEASE”.

What are the odds of recovering stolen tools? Everyone seemed to think: Nearly Impossible!

At 9:55 a police officer arrived. His badge read “D. Shelton”. We shook hands and were off to a good start. He asked us to describe the missing items. We did. He replied I’ll go check some things. Will call you soon …

Officer Shelton called and said a vehicle had been impounded during the night because the occupants were under the influence. It carried an assortment of tools which sounded like ours! Wow! Why would police just happen to stop that particular vehicle and then have an officer note that there were tools in it? (Since the truck was owned by a window washing company, that would not be totally unreasonable).

Officer Shelton was going to process the required paperwork to allow us to identify and then claim the items!

Part B: Written Tuesday Afternoon (Day #900 of Consecutive Penny Finding)

The appointment with Officer Shelton at the impound yard was for 7 AM; I arrived at 6:45. There were two tow truck drivers who were just hanging around waiting for calls. I told them how miraculous it was that our tools were found. They could not believe it! I told them that the Penny Palace is built on miracles.

Juan and Oscar began searching the parking lot with me. The photo shows the first find of the day.

When Officer Shelton arrived, we went through the contents of the pickup to recover Danny’s and my items. We discovered a heavy security officer coat in the cab. Scary to think one of the arrested parolees works as a security person and that they were using a window washing company vehicle at 3 AM to conduct their “services”.

Danny was so thrilled to see his beam chop saw and other tools. I was excited to get my bag of marbles and tape measure back.

And, oh yes … I found a penny in the bed of the pickup truck amidst all the artifacts and garbage. I claimed it. Considered it my ‘restitution’. Were the Penny Angels being playful to let us know they hand a hand in of all this?

Nothing is impossible. The tools were recovered!

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