In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Day #896 - Juggling

There was input from so many directions today! Felt like a juggler with a bowling ball, sword, flame, etc. Many good things, just tough to keep them all in the air at the same time without “dropping the ball!”


Doc set off early for school today. (I think he was trying to avoid some of the things I was planning). He captured three pennies and a dime at McDonalds (Coins #1-4).

After Doc came home from work at 2 PM, we headed to the jobsite. It was supposed to be a quick 20-30 minute visit, but I think it lasted almost 2 hours! Of course the framing crew was working. Grader Craig was working too, and then Plumber Bryan dropped by to check on progress. Great to have time with them.


On the way home, Doc pulled into a 7-11 so I could find my coin for today. There were no cars in the Jack-in-the-Box, so I ran past that drive up window and paused only to pick up a quarter. (Coin #5). I said, “Doc will want me to have a penny, so please provide.” There was a penny just as I walked into the 7-11, then another penny under the video rental kiosk and a dime under the pay counter. Doc came in and found a dime under the chip rack which I had missed. I found another penny just outside the store. (Coins #5-10).

As we exited the freeway and stopped on the offramp, Doc said, “You look out your window and I’ll look out mine.” “Dime!” He put the van in park and dove for it. (Coin #11). Median Find


We realized that we needed a Nickel to get a “Hit for the Cycle”. Doc dropped me at the grocery store so I could quickly search. I emerged with a dime. Conversation with the Angels:

Tina: I wanted a Nickel, but you gave me a dime. Not what I asked for.

Angels: We gave you MORE than you requested! Be quiet and be grateful!

Thought: Sometimes what we receive can be better than what we think we want.


This evening Doc and I went to school for a few hours. I stopped in one of the study rooms to look for coins. A few of the students recognized me and asked about Penny Finding. I told them the Daily Tales continue and I was looking for a Nickel. There was again a dime to be found! (Coin #12).

Doc was cleaning and checking the machines for a part which is being manufactured for a group senior project. He is such a sucker. They are probably out on the town on a Friday night while he is babysitting their project!

I worked in a dusty closet sorting through some of the old solar car raycing memorabilia. Need to get things readied for the upcoming 20-year reunion. I found car parts, press kits, postcards, sponsor lists, dead spiders, old frying pans …. and my requested Nickel! (Coin #13)

Total: 13 Coins P (6), N (1), D (5), Q (1) = $0.86

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