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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day #905 - Shopped Out

Today Doc graded his student exams while I worked on special projects such as the solar car team reunion, alumni updates and the Penny Palace Picnic. At noon we took a break to review the various bids and brochures for fireplace inserts. Tough decisions. At 5 pm it was time to get out of the house. We shopped for three hours until we were pooped out.

Our first stop in our 3-hour tour was Home Depot for wood stain . We have tried 3 color samples so far and do not like the colors. Let’s hope color #4 is the right one. (This sounds like the Dating Game). Doc found one penny at the entrance of the store, I collected 8 pennies and a dime wayyyyyy underneath the check out counter, and Doc collected a dime on the way to the van. (Coins #1-11).

The second stop was WalMart. Doc got his foodbars and shampoo while I got bird food and three pennies. (Coins #12-14).

The third stop was Trader Joe’s for groceries. The cashier, Blake, asked if we had found everything we needed? “All except for our penny”. At which point he rolled our shopping cart forward and there was a penny under the wheel! But I had looked there. (Coin #15)

The fourth stop was Spout’s grocery. One shiny shield penny as we entered the store, then a dime while paying for our items. (Coins #16&17).

The final stop was a Stater Bros. grocery. There were two dimes and a quarter in a change return chute when I walked in; two pennies in the next aisle. Doc collected a penny when entering the other doorway to the store. (Coins #18-23)

When checking out, I spotted two pennies ahead of us. The customer in line behind us only had one item, so we let her go first. I picked up one penny, (Coin #24) then could not find the second one. It had disappeared! Reverse mushroom penny?

Total: 24 Coins P (18), N (0), D (5), Q (1) = $0.93

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