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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day #900 - Recovery

WOW! 900 Consecutive Days of Penny Finding. That is mind-boggling! What activities do you do every day for 900 days (eating, breathing, sleeping, and blinking don’t count).


Day #900 began wonderfully. There were five emails from international friends in the first 2-3 hours, then a phone call at 3 AM from an out-of-state friend. Next, I did some prep work, showered, fed the dogs, and swallowed some breakfast. I had over 1,000 steps logged on the pedometer before leaving the house at 6:20 for the 7 AM meeting at the police impound yard.


The meeting at the police yard was rewarding! (See Special Story for the details.) Two pennies from that episode (Coins #1&2).


By 8 AM I was at the jobsite. Friend Mandy and I had set a breakfast date today from 7:30-9:30 because we had not seen each other in so long and she wanted to see the house progress. A while back, I was ‘nudged’ to get a little notepad for Mandy. It read “Live in the Light”. Last night I was ‘nudged’ to put it in a gift bag and give it to her today.

Several years ago I selected my dream Tiffany hanging lamp for the entryway of the new house and a few months ago I shared that desire with Mandy. This morning she presented that light to me as our first housewarming gift! I was totally blown away! And I just happened to have that notepad with “Live in the Light” to give to her! What a “coincidence”! WOW!

We waited until 9:40 for the police officer to show to wrap up our case, then Mandy had to leave. So much for our breakfast date!


There was plenty of working going on at the Penny Palace. Carlos, Jaime, Danny and Jose Louis were attaching the wall sheething. You should see Carlos just running along those 2x6 top sill plates!

More good news: Grader Craig dug down to the septic line, cut it open, and was able to retrieve the stuck bladder.

While I was working in the Tool Shed we had another intruder! Tried to get a photo, but he quickly escaped. A little bird hopped half way into the shed to search for crumbs.


This afternoon I had errands to run. There were 3 pennies at the 99¢ store. (Coins #3-5). There were no coins when I first walked in and searched. Then a penny appeared and another and then a third one while I was standing in line! Gave me the opportunity to share a smile and penny card with the customer behind me.

Next I went to Trader Joe’s to get a Thank You gift card for the neighbor who called in the suspicious activity which resulted in us recovering our construction tools. My bill was $xx.52 and I had $xx.51¢ The cashier said, “I’ll put in a penny”. I replied, “OK, I’ll give you this penny card in exchange” and told him the story about finding coins each day. Grant, the cashier, said, “Here’s one at my feet!” (Coin #6)

This evening I was sorting laundry. Found a dime at the bottom of the hamper hidden in the dirty socks and underwear. Does that one count? (Coin #7)

Doc called in. He has been at school giving Final Exams and taking care of many other end-of-the year projects. Somehow mid-day he managed to squeeze in a run to Carl’s Jr. for an afternoon snack and a penny. (Coin #8)

Total: 8 Coins P (7), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.17

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Mandy said...

Happy Day 900! It was fun hanging out and being a part of this special day!!!