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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day #1,017 - Mind Changing

I hate that Doc spends hours every day watching TV. But this past week has been even worse. The picture no longer works on his TV, so he has been sitting there staring at a black screen and merely listening to the audio. I couldn’t bare it any longer. I contacted son Brian (electronics wizard) to please come do something! He diagnosed the case and determined a new TV was in order. So he and Doc immediately went to Costco to hunt down a new TV. They returned with a very large box and 4 pennies which Doc found in the bathroom. (Doc Coins #1-4).

Doc was summoned to Cal Poly Pomona for some urgent equipment work, so he spent the next 3-4 hours on that project. He found a penny in his travel between the parked van and his office. (Doc Coin #5). When he returned home, he graded student papers.


I spent from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on September finances, getting Skype working, a few design items for the Penny Palace, etc. Realized I had better get out of the house or I would not find today’s coin. So we went for our usual Sunday night grocery shopping.

At the first grocery store I found a dime. Told the Angels I should really get a penny as well since this is PENNY Tales. After saying that, I turned around and there was a penny behind me on a countertop! (Tina Coins #1&2)

At the third grocery store I found a penny before beginning our shopping. Spied two more pennies on check out lanes which I gathered when there was a break in traffic in each of them. Then, after I paid for our groceries, I found a nickel. (Tina Coins #3-6)

Doc had gone out of the store to get more steps on his pedometer. He did find one penny while doing that. (Doc Coin #6)


Here’s where the story gets funny ….

I walked out of the grocery store saying to the Angels, “We just need a quarter to get a Hit for the Cycle. But I really don’t feel like going anywhere else to look for one. However, Doc likes to get a HFC, so I’m sure he’ll want to go for it. Thus, I am testing you Angels. I will say out loud ‘Quarter’ 25 times”. (Which I then did while pushing the shopping cart to the van).

When I arrived at the van, I told Doc we could quickly stop at 7-11 to search for a quarter. He said “no”. Huh? 90% of the time HE is the one who wants to say “let’s stop” and I am the one to say “no”. He was determined to go straight home. I was shocked!

So as I was pushing the shopping cart over to the return area, I very playfully challenged the Angels. “If you want a Hit for the Cycle tonight then: a) You need to Change Doc’s Mind about stopping at 7-11 and b) have a quarter there for me to find”.

We began the drive home and Doc pulled into the 7-11 parking lot! Change of Mind? I spotted a penny way before he parked the car. When I fetched the coin, there was a dime on a white paint line. Almost did not see that. I walked toward the front door and there, bold as can be, was a quarter! COINcidence? I was laughing so hard. Found one penny as I returned to the van to show Doc the quarter. I wanted to go into the store, but he would not allow it. He did not like the looks of the men all standing around the register in there and did not want me to go diving among them. I wanted to go inside and seek more coins, but I obeyed my husband and hopped back in the van. Grrr. Doc drove about 15 ft. when I spotted three coins! A dime and two pennies. Nice reward for obeying. (Tina Coins #7-13)

As we drove home I was laughing. I had to ‘fess up to Doc that I had used the Angels to play with his Mind. Such fun!

Total: 19 Coins P (14), N (1), D (3), Q (1) = $0.74

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JR said...

If you bare it, Doc won’t need a TV. I think bearing is what you have a problem with.