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Friday, October 21, 2011

Day #1,036 - Clean

This morning before going to the jobsite, Doc and I ran a few errands. Then we went into a grocery store merely to search for coins. He found a silver, I found a copper. (Coins #1&2). I had packed salads and munchies in our lunch bag. According to Doc, “salad is not a meal”. Thus he pulled into a del Taco. He got a combo meal and I cleaned up with 5 pennies, 2 nickels, and a dime. (Coins #3-10).

I think there were 17 persons at the Penny Palace today. The place was humming like a beehive!

  • Painters Peter and Pete finished painting the trusses and beams in the Grand Room and the Dining Room
  • Stucco Crew put the lower color coat (darker color) on half of the house
  • Masonry Crew put the wall caps on the wall along the driveway and on the 11 posts.
  • Finish Carpenters David and Matthew put window sills on most of the windows and created the shelving supports for the wall niches in the master bathroom
  • Concrete Rick and Black Lab Wesley visited
  • Cabinet John was on a nearby job and stopped to check on progress. Cabinets scheduled for delivery mid-November
  • HVAC Brian stopped by on his way home from work
  • Doc and I were out there answering questions, making decisions, cleaning up.

Some of the workers today said the Penny Palace is one of the cleanest jobsites they have ever worked on. In the past other people have said that as well. Comments like that help to overcome the yuckiness of hauling the trash yesterday.

Total: 10 Coins P (6), N (2), D (2), Q (0) = $0.36

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Chaz DeSimone said...

The workers are getting some good PR exposure from you! Hope you get a group shot of everyone when it's finished.