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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day #1,040 - Drizzles

It is not supposed to rain in Southern California, but it did. Thus, the roofing crew and the deck surfacing crew could not begin work as scheduled today. The tile guys also said it was too wet to work.

There were three crews which did work. The masonry crew was working from 7:30 - 3:30 non stop on the stone veneer at the front of the house. They did not seem to notice that it was drizzling. The painters continued prepping the interior of the house. They had planned to paint metal flashings and things on the roof, but those areas were too wet. The finish carpenters completed all the window stools and aprons. The cathedral windows look so much more finished with molding around them. Imagine how beautiful they will be when they are clean and all the labels are removed.

We shut down the worksite at 3:30 and I rushed to get to the tile store before it closed at 4 p.m. Made it with one minute to spare. Picked up the doggie decal which I had forgotten there yesterday when tile searching.


The next stop was Home Depot to research light switches, ceiling fans, etc. Upon leaving I was in search mode and a pleasant cashier asked if she might help me find something. I replied, “Yes, please. Today’s Penny”. Then I gave her a Penny Card and briefly told her the story. She smiled and wished me good luck in finding today’s coin. Shared JOY.

On the way to my truck I said, “Penny Angels please deliver a coin because: a) I really want to go home and not search anywhere else and b) it will corroborate my story if I can show today’s find to that nice sales clerk. I searched the parking area and then the gas pumping station nearby. Found a dime in a deep crack. Tool extraction. (Coin #1).

As I walked back to my pickup truck, I said, “Thank You Angels. Very generous of you. But since my blog is called Penny Tales, it really is nice to find a PENNY each day. Could you provide one before I get back to Pippy please?” Within a few seconds there was a penny in my path. (Coin #2). I returned to the store, showed the sales clerk the coins and told her about the finds. She smiled. Shared JOY.

Total: 2 Coins P (1), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.11

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