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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day #1,030 - Drats and Drips

This week there was an unexpected death in the family and initially we were not sure if ceremonies would be on Friday or Monday. So we “made lemonade out of this lemon” situation and squeezed out some time to spend with the nieces and nephews over the weekend.

Our goal was to leave our house by 7:30 and head up to Tehachapi which is about 150 miles away. Doc discovered a leak under the bathroom sink. Drats a Drip! There was no time to deal with it, so we placed a bowl under the sink, shut off the main water line to the house, and asked my Mom to check the bowl periodically. Then upon leaving the house I asked the Penny Angels to watch over things until our return.

We stopped at a huge gas station in Palmdale. Searched the convenience store, throughout the gas pumps, around the entire area and found nothing! As we were driving out of the parking lot Doc said, “There is a penny right outside my window! Hop out and get it.” While I fetched the penny, Doc advanced the car a few feet. As I returned to my side of the car, there was a beautiful shiny penny by the passenger door! (Coins #1&2).

At 12:30 we met with a realtor in the Tehachapi area. We spent the next few hours visiting several potential rental properties. We found 5 pennies during that time. (Coins #3-7)

At 5 p.m. we met up with brother Greg and the nieces and nephews.

It was good to see them all again. We met them at the construction site of their new home. It makes the Penny Palace seem small in comparison.

(Photo is of the barn).

Then we headed to their temporary home. We got to see all their animals and enjoy BBQd hamburgers on their deck overlooking Bear Valley.

Total: 7 pennies

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