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Monday, October 24, 2011

Day #1,039 - At Ease

I understand why persons in the construction trade seem to end their work day from 3-4 in the afternoon. These days on the jobsite are exhausting. I cleaned, removed weather stripping, painted, dealt with everyone’s questions, and all sorts of other things.

This morning I returned those borrowed tile samples (as Promised yesterday) at 8:01 when the store opened. Yesterday when I was at the store, I had an idea.

It’s tough to explain, but with every component of this house I seem to wrestle and re-design it until there is an “at ease” feeling. Until then, the design may be functional, pretty or satisfactory to everyone else, but I can’t seem to proceed until it ‘clicks’ into place. I think that happened today with the tiles around the bathtub in the everyday bath. Until now I was planning on just using some basic white tile around the bathtub, but somehow I did not have the “at ease” feeling about it yet. Yesterday I saw some wood-looking tile … now I am seriously considering creating a wood (tile) picket fence around the tub instead of standard white tile. I thought the crusty old tile guy would give me grief over it. He actually liked it!

There were four crews working today: Stucco, masonry, painting and tile. See the video

At 3:30 I headed to the paint store. The painters need to paint the foam belly band and window trim before the stucco crew takes the scaffolding away. That could happen tomorrow! Thus I needed to get paint samples, test them, and make a decision tonight.

I was at the paint store and realized that was probably my only opportunity to find a coin today. I wandered next door to the gas station. No coins to be found at the gas pumps or inside at the convenience store. I was disappointed. I looked in one of the planter beds and found 2 pennies. Figured that was enough. Then I spotted a third penny and a fourth and a fifth …(Coins #1-17) Coin Mine! There was a young cashier taking her break outside and watching me, so I gave her a Penny Card and shared the story. Shared Joy.

At 4:30 I locked up the jobsite and headed for a tile shop which I assumed closed at 5 p.m. I arrived at 4:59, but they had closed at 4 p.m. At least they left a quarter in the parking lot for me to find. (Coin #18)

There was a nearby tile store open until 5:30 p.m. so I ventured there in search of that ¼ round tile. I found two which would work. Choice A was less expensive, so I requested that one. After a lengthy product search, the sales person said those were not available. How can this one little component be so difficult? Choice B WAS available and I should have them by the end of the week. Not sure if I am “at ease” with that decision, or just tired of fighting with it?

Those 13 properties we looked at on Saturday - we were interested in two of them. My favorite one already received an offer. Drat! So tonight I am working on the offer for the second property.

Came home to find a message from Roofer Bill - he will begin working tomorrow. Deck Dan is expected to begin working as well. Tomorrow should be even busier than today!

Total: 18 Coins P (17), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.42

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