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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day #1,041 - Nice Day

The weather and the mountains were beautiful today. The crews working at the Penny Palace all seemed to be enjoying the day while working on their various tasks.

There were three unexpected visitors today; Leonard (Daryl’s guest), Danny, and the solar panel installer. I love it when people walk in the Grand Room and just stand there saying “Wow!”

The Master deck crew was able to float their first coat today. Sebastian was carefully explaining to me that the area under the sliding glass door threshold needed metal, not the reinforced fiber which was currently showing there. I was taking notes and working on a solution for that. Suddenly framer Danny appeared! He has not been at the site for several weeks, and had decided to just pop in at that moment. Perfect Timing! He said he would take on that Action Item.

Tile Bob and Tony scratch coated the Aussie (Dolphin) shower. Then we laid out the tiles to determine pleasing cut and accent lines. It’s going to look great.

Painters Peter and Pete were painting the exterior second story trim pieces above the roof and then the window decorative foam. Doc had argued to leave the window foam the existing stucco color. (He did not want the expense of having them painted). The paint just really accents the windows (see video).

Miguel and Serafin were working on the stone veneer again today. They completed the front of the house and the garage corners. Looking good!

Around noon the painter was running out of paint, so I suggested he take his lunch break while I got more paint. Found a penny in the lot at the paint store. (Coin #1)

This afternoon Daryl and I hauled some of the truss members out of the Dungeon. Framer Danny had cut and placed them down there until the stucco work was completed. Daryl hates spiders and was greeted by a Black Widow which he did not appreciate.

When things shut down at 3:30 p.m., I headed to three tiles stores and two flooring stores.

Finally got those ¼ round tiles for the Aussie shower, some grout, and then placed the order for the picket fence tiles.

The laminated US map arrived in today’s mail. That goes on the Mug Wall with our collection of US State mugs. Anticipation …

Total: 1 Penny

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