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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day #1,027 - 95%

The fireplace stone was finished today! I’d give it a score of 95%. Just five small things that weren’t as I would have liked them. That’s still a good, solid “A Grade”.

There was one guy from the stucco crew working on the exterior decorative foam. The Finish Carpenters, David and Matthew hung all the available doors. The new front door doesn’t fit the frame so at this point it will not close.

I did all sorts of things today. Transported half a case of stones, swept, cleaned, ordered moldings, dealt with follow up calls, etc.

I locked the gates around 6:30 p.m. (sunset). Just before getting on the freeway, I pulled into the Walgreens parking lot and said, “Dearest Penny Angels, my body can barely move right now. PLEASE, Yes I am Begging You, PLEASE deliver today’s penny easily and quickly”. As I approached the door to the store there was a beautiful, shiny penny in my path. (Coin #1) THANK YOU Angels, you really did make that one quick and easy. Plus it is a pretty penny as well. Sincerely appreciated today.

I turned to go back to my truck, but my tummy growled. Oh yes, lunch! So I went into the store and bought some beef jerky. One more penny at the register as I was paying. (Coin #2). The Angel’s 2¢ Worth.


I arrived home to find a Love Note from Doc. It has been a very long time since he has left one of those. “Please fill the water in the pond when you get home. I found 8 pennies in a parking spot as I was entering Starbucks this morning and another penny as I exited the place.” (Coins #3-11)

Today’s Guests: Mandy in the morning, Brenda in the afternoon.

Total: 11 Pennies

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