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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day #1,146 - Angel Flowers

The Penny Palace felt peaceful today. Even though there was loud equipment and activity, the birds were singing and the back yard and loft still felt serene. The bank inspector felt the same thing.

It’s tough being at the jobsite so early each morning. Tile Bob and Tony were well underway by the time I arrived at 7:45. Today they laid the cement board on the countertops and cut out the holes for the sinks and the cooktop.

Sawcut Indy was back with his equipment. He cut the lines in driveway concrete pours #2 and #3.

Some people ask WHY I am on the jobsite each day? They say I have hired people to work, so I should let them handle things. Yesterday the saw cut lines were chalked out differently than what I had requested. It did not look very good. Thankfully I caught it before the concrete was cut today. Yesterday I also discovered a puddle underneath the Aussie sink. It had already damaged the cabinetry. Had I not been there, the damage would have been worse. Today Tile Bob had numerous questions for me on countertop issues. Who would have answered those if I had not been there?

At 12:30 bank inspector Alex arrived for his monthly check on our progress. He is such a delight. I look forward to his visits and hope he will keep in touch when the project is completed.

Little things are important too. The dumpster was emptied and the porta potty serviced. Those things just help make the site a little more user friendly.

Doc drove out to Riverside and picked up the additional order of capstones. Those are for the patio wall and the repair of the damaged wall along the driveway. He also picked up the replacement tub spout and a medicine cabinet door to replace the damaged one.


COINcidence? On the way home I stopped at a grocery store to get flowers for one of our subcontractors She has been so very helpful and last week saved me over $2000. I stood looking at the dozens and dozens of flower arrangements. None seemed ‘just right’ for her. Finally I asked the Angels to help me choose the bouquet.

When I presented Brenda with the flowers she said, “Gerbera Daisies! Those are my favorite. How did you know?” I didn’t, but the Angels did.


When paying for the flowers I said, “Penny Angels, a coin please.” There was the tiniest sliver of a coin peeking out from under the rubber edge of a display case. (Coin #1).

I stopped at an office supply store to get more zip-close baggies for my daily penny finds. Also found a dime and a nickel. (Coins #2&3).

Doc found his penny at Jacks where he went for lunch. (Coin #4)

Total: 4 Coins P (2), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.17

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