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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day #1,160 - Art or Flooring?

Today’s focus was on flooring and other finishing details, although the tile stream might be considered more Art than ‘Flooring’. The weather was absolutely perfect! Blue skies, temperatures in the low 80s, slight breeze. Just right for wall painting and for concrete floor treatment.

Last week it was very cold and rainy. We have been wanting to coat the floor of the garage with an epoxy system - but that would take FIVE days of consistently good weather. Sunday evening the weather reporter said, “The next five days will be good weather!” However, Friday our painter had said he was staring a new job on Monday and would be busy this week. Rats! But by “COINcidence” the lady at his other job said she wanted to delay until next week! So yesterday was Day #1 of the epoxy flooring process and today the process continued.

My first appointment this morning was with Iron Jimmy. Remember a while back he had made that cardboard mock-up of the upstairs railing? Doc and I had made a few minor adjustments to it and returned it for Jimmy to create. This morning I went to see the progress. He had reduced the size of the middle circle, brought in the outer ring, removed the inner ring, and totally eliminated all the circles (which represented pennies around the sun). He said it looked better that way. Yes, it looked nice, but I really wanted those ‘symbolic’ pennies in there. So we went to Plan B and added in a few circles. The whole railing is 20 ft. long and it is quite impressive.

The second appointment was at the countertop shop. I picked up the sample of laminate which had arrived and I reviewed final details with the fabricator. Those should be ready next week.

I made a quick stop at WalMart for a notebook to use for the Penny Tale printouts. I wanted to match the other ones I have been using. There was ONE left! And I collected a penny there. (Coin #1)

At the jobsite the Painters were working on the garage floors and painting the walls of the attached garage. There were two more boulders across the street just waiting for a new home.

Doc arrived around noon and after eating his lunch announced it was time for me to get working on that tile stream again. Yes Dear. He was breaking and cutting tile for me as I was trying to fit the jigsaw puzzle pieces together. We completed another 2 sq ft of stream.

We locked up the Penny Palace at 4 p.m. Doc stopped for coffee. I

found a penny (Coin #2).

Of course we needed to make our daily stop at the Home Improvement store. Needed more thin set so we can lay more tile tomorrow. Plus we needed a mailbox for Rental #1. While we were in the store Doc said, “Let’s order the clothes washer and dryer now as well!” That was a surprise. Ordered today, delivery next month. Pat, the sales rep who helped us was delightful. I gave her a Penny Card and a quick debrief. It made her smile. Shared JOY.

As I was paying for our items, there was a penny in the self check out lane. Tweezers needed, but I got it! (Coin #3). As we walked out of the store, the alarm sounded. A nice sales assistant ran over to help us and apologized. I noticed a penny behind her and said, “No apology Needed. There was a reason for stopping right here”. So she, along with another cashier received a penny card and a condensed explanation of Penny Finders. More smiles. (Coin #4)


Doc found a dime at KFC where he stopped for lunch then a penny in the Home Depot parking lot. (Doc Coins 1&2)


Choices: There is some money budgeted for a new refrigerator. I could buy that new fridge or use our existing one which is 15 years old. It doesn’t have any fancy features, but it works well. Then I could use those funds and get a rack in the garage which could hold sheets of plywood, drywall, lumber, etc. Plus there would be funds remaining for 3 or 4 36” wide metal garage shelving units to organize tools, fasteners, paints and other gear. Which would YOU choose?

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

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JR said...

Hmm, new energy-efficient refrigerator with warranty or some shelving. Do you think you can actually move out of your current house and into the Penny Palace fast enough not to need refrigerators in both places?