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Friday, February 17, 2012

Day #1,155: Rock-N-Counters

Today’s abundance of activity helped to make up for yesterday’s lack of it.

When I arrived at the jobsite at 8 a.m., Neighbor Craig scolded me for sleeping in and getting to work so late. Grader Rick had already done some clearing and hauled off the first load of rocks and dirt. I wasn’t sleeping, I was making calls and taking care of business!

By 9 a.m. the Slagle brothers were calling me about purchasing some supplies on their way to the jobsite. Today they installed those 3 countertops Doc and I had bought. Those are ‘temporary’ space holders until we can save up enough money for Phase II of the cabinetry.

The landscaping and grading crews were impressive this afternoon. What a difference when the boulders were taken from the mass pile and placed strategically along the future pathway. There are a few rocks which I have grown quite fond of. They have personality. Truly awesome to see the boulders being “nestled” into their new positions.

Doc got concrete stain and coffee on his way to the jobsite. Then he drove out to Riverside (battling traffic) to get more wall capstones. He returned with the stones and two pennies.


This afternoon Doc and I locked up the jobsite at 4 p.m. He headed to pick up the order of garage floor epoxy which came in today. I headed to the tile stores for the tile order which had arrived.

The contractor for Rental #2 has made tremendous progress this week. Thus I drove to his house to deliver a payment. He invited me to see the back yard and meet his dogs. How could I resist that offer? He had a lovely waterfall, pool, spa, and patio. He also had built a pool room which he was anxious to show me.

The pool room had lots of windows and very few furnishings. A pinball machine was near the entry door. My immediate thought was “Pennies could likely be found by a pinball machine, but not likely here in someone’s house. Besides, you don’t just go into someone’s house and take their coins!” But I couldn’t help at least looking in that direction. No pennies noticed. As Hank talked to me about various topics, I looked around the room - especially around that pinball machine (several times). As we were about to leave I looked one final time. A penny had appeared there! Did wishful thinking make it happen?

I told Hank a little about Penny Finding and how pennies seem to manifest. As we walked across the threshold to leave the room, there were two pennies in the doorway!


Total: 5 Pennies

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