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Joyfully, Tina

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day #1,152 - Valentine's

This morning Doc and I awoke in anticipation of finally obtaining the teak bench from Thailand which I had discovered nearly two years ago in a warehouse. We had placed it on hold since we had no place large enough to keep it at our current house.

I checked emails first thing this morning and was amazed to find a chocolate bar and not one, but TWO Valentine’s cards from Doc on my keyboard! (Doc does not usually splurge to BUY cards).

Doc and Sparky went for coffee while I made calls and completed a few tasks. They found a shiny penny. (Doc #1)


Doc and I had a great time getting the bench. While I was waiting in the side yard for the guys in the warehouse to roll up the door and load our bench, I said to the Penny Angels, "Wouldn't it make for a good story if I found today's penny HERE?" I looked around in the alley. Nothing. We loaded and tied down the bench. I was putting away my camera and there in the alley was today's penny! (Coin #1). That was a very good sign.


Doc drove Pippy and the bench to the Penny Palace while I made some stops (4 hours) for supplies. I needed some lamp parts at Michaels where I also found a penny waxed into the floor. Used the screwdriver from my purse to pry the coin out. (Coin #2).

At the Penny Palace HVAC Steve installed the thermostats and connected the vents from the microwave and the cooktop. The painters finished the Belly Bands on the outside as well as many of the interior wall touch ups. Doc did some major cleaning in the detached garage in preparation for the painters.

The Penny Pendant was glowing in celebration of the One Year Anniversary.

This afternoon Doc met with the garage door installer at Rental #1. We called him yesterday and by today the job was finished!

Lots of email and minor projects to work on this evening. The Penny Palace demands much attention.

Hope Valentine’s Day was Sweet for You.

with Joy,


Total: 3 Pennies

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JR said...

Amazing bench, but that's not your best view. Where's it really going?