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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day #1,153 - Delays

It rained most of the day and the yards are now saturated. That means we will not be running the irrigation lines Friday and Saturday. It also means we can’t coat the garage floors yet. More delays.

This morning I met Handyman George and Jose at the Penny Palace promptly at 8 a.m. The rain had ceased for a little while, so for the first 1.5 hours of the day we cleaned and rearranged some things down in the dungeon. Then we hauled boxes of flooring and leftover tile down there. Tonight my brain is happy by that progress, but my body is telling me it did not appreciate that work.

Most of the day it was raining pretty heavily and it was cold. George continued with drywall patching while I painted tile edging behind toilets locations. Then we chiseled away some edge tile where it had been placed accidentally. Unfortunately the tile took chucks of wallboard out too, so more repair work was needed.

At 11 a.m. a cabinet guy arrived to take measurements. These cabinets differ from the kitchen cabinets. (Commercial style vs. residential).

The painters were working today. They completed the walls on the detached garage and more touch-ups inside the house.

This morning Doc went out to breakfast, to Home Depot, to Lowe’s, then went for coffee. He obtained one planter penny. Doc arrived at the Penny Palace early afternoon to take lunch orders and then go procure the food.

George, Jose and I placed the remaining pieces of tile on Doc’s coffee bar. Those now need grouting.

At 4 p.m. Doc and I shut down the Penny Palace and headed for the paint store. One hour there to learn about and order the epoxy resin system for the garage floor coating. Just need 5 days of consecutive good weather in order to apply that. It is now mid-winter, so what are the chances of that?

The next 1.5 hours were spent at Lowe’s in purchasing 3 countertops and other supplies. After that I was ready to head home, but had no coin for the day! I went over to the nearby closed car wash and said, “OK Penny Angels, the car wash has been closed today, plus everyone knows you can’t find pennies in the dark, so Do It Anyway.” There was one penny near a planter area.

Total: 2 Pennies

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