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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day #1140 - Upcoming Travel

This morning I was packing gear to get ready for our Upcoming Travel. There was a penny near the front door at home where I was staging the gear. I pulled the sofa cover off to wash it for our housesitter - a dime fell to the floor. I carried the cover to the laundry room and there was a quarter on the floor there! So I said, “Just need a nickel now to complete a ‘Hit for the Cycle’”. A few minutes later I was putting some papers away and found a nickel at the bottom of a basket. No other coins there. Just one nickel as requested. The Angels were being very playful this morning. Four coins and a Hit for the Cycle! (But I don’t consider those coins as ‘real’ find because they were found inside our house).

Doc found 50 centavos when getting his Subway breakfast. (Coin #1)


On the way to the Penny Palace we found a dime at 7-11 (Coin #2)

At the jobsite the concrete crew was preparing for tomorrow’s big driveway pour. The painters were painting more baseboards and trim. The guy came to do the saw cutting in the parking area, but the concrete was still too green. He plans to return Saturday.

Doc and Daryl laid Ramboard, a heavy temporary floor protection material. We just discovered it. So much better than all those cut-up cardboard boxes we had been using.

On the way home we stopped at the wrought iron shop to return the cardboard railing mock up. Spent over an hour fine-tuning that upstairs railing. Trying to depict the “Hart & Sol” theme of the house.


Doc and I had planned to leave town by 6 p.m. today, but it seemed there was one delay after another. We finally left around 8:30 p.m. We managed a whole 2-3 miles before our first stop - at Target. Doc needed his Starbucks coffee and I needed chocolate chips for the cookie baking parties with the kids. Surprisingly no coins found there.

Three hours later we arrived at the hotel in Tehachapi and checked in.

Total: 2 Coins D (1) + 50 centavos coin

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Anonymous said...

Superb upstairs railing!
I am glad for you Tina!